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One of the greatest things about Second Life is COPY…we don’t appreciate it enough. The reason that I am praising of the COPY is of course, the amount of time it can take to put a house together, and have it just the way you want it, but then something could happen, and all your hard work could just vanish. Sure sometimes it all just ends up in your lost and found folder, but we have all had experiences I am sure, where that has not been the case. I still think there is a bath somewhere floating around SL with my name on it.

When I was younger I had a tendency to be really badly edit challenged, like so bad that my friends used to have to go off in search of random items at death defying heights lol. If I was trying to move an item a metre, it would shoot off through the wall never to be seen again, that is the story of the bath, the worst part of that, is that it happened three times, and the third time was not the charm…gone forever. I shouldn’t say forever though, because about a month ago I suddenly had an item returned to me from lands unknown which I had not seen for nearly four years, so go figure.

Anyway, the reason I mention it, is that next time you finally put the finishing touches on a home, select the whole thing and “take copy” that is of course if all the pieces are COPY permissions, but if you have a few that aren’t as is the case in my home today, then just don’t select those parts…then once you have a copy of it, make a folder, and give it a name like ‘My Home – Jan 2013″ or whatever works best for you. That way you have a back up copy. This also helps if you like to put together little scenes out of bits and pieces you pick up, and then you have them ready and sorted for pics in the future.

The build I am featuring today is the new Lofty Skybox by Elate. It is an all mesh build and is a great refurbished factory looking build. It even has all the great beams and great brick walls.The windows are gorgeous, and size is perfect for a home or work space/studio, and the colours are greatly neutral, so decorating is a breeze.

It also has enough of its own feature pieces, I especially love the door, on the sliding rails, and the shelf next to it, so you have somewhere for your keys. Then the fire place area, and the really cool slatted wall feature. I couldn’t resist having some fun with it all as well. The arrow light near the door made me giggle at the sillyness of doing it. Then even though I think I would scare myself every single time, I could not resist the putting the adorable mannequin on the stairwell, because she is lighting the way up to bed, but again, I know for a fact every time I turn that corner my heart will stop. Both of the fun items are from Art Dummy, as are the wonderful art pieces in the living area, and that great chair.

The whole area reminded me a lot of a Romantic Comedy, yeah I have a vivid imagination for stuff like that…I can just see some girl getting ready to go out upstairs, and her guy climbing up the ladder to talk to her, because thats what guys do, right ? and then everything would always take ten times longer, because trying to get ready and not spend all the time giggling at your guy would be impossible. The ladder and wall art are part of the Four Walls Hunt, and was the What Next item, so cute and has poses included. The hunt is still on until the 31st and definitely worth doing, the items in it are fabulous.

The tubular deco living room furniture by POST is the Haarlem set, and honestly the detailing on this set is amazing. Doing that kind of detailing is no easy feat, and having the outcome look so strong and authentic is great, the whole set is a must have, even if there is smoking (blech) but then that was the times right, back then everyone did it – and yes yes I quit 3 years ago now :P.

Upstairs many of you will recognise the bed from Trompe Loeil, this canopy bed was a bed that was recently updated to have texture change options, rather than the one colour as previously released. This is a great thing, as I for one own over 13 complete bedding sets – I counted once because my friend said she had two and that was so odd to me, but different strokes for different folks. I also tinted the poplar version of the bed, so that the greyish wood was more black to go with all the black iron in the build. The textures on the bedding also work in three parts, so I used a different set for the runner, to add a punch of green to the look. So if you were unsure of committing to one bedding option in the past, but loved the bed, definitely go back and grab the new version.

Lastly the fashion. As I mentioned in the past, Tuli is back, and she has done new Helena skins, which are so pretty, and come with dimples versions, as well as cleavage options, and lipstick layers, so that you can mix and match a bunch of times. There are so many lipsticks, I did not shoot them all, but they also come with a gloss version of each colour, so you wont have any trouble finding a look that is right for the day or night.

The cute jacket was the inspiration for all the green. It is part of the Zodiac event for Jan/Feb, with the theme of Aquarius, DCNY went all hippie like with this embroidered denim jacket, that does also have a plain option which is great as you get more bang for your buck. There are all sorts of denims available, but this one worked the best with what I felt like wearing. Underneath I have on the new low neck tee from Izzies, these also have appliers that work with them, so if you are on the search for some basics for your breasts, this is definitely a need to grab item. It was also spot on for the Nikola pants from Celoe, I had to use my layers brain to make sure that the band of the pants was above the lower portion of the shirt, wearing shirt and underpants layers for the top, and pants for the bottom.

Lastly the hair I am wearing is by Elikatira, she is actually having a huge sale at the moment, as a lot of older styles will be discontinued, so stop what you are doing and join all the masses over there, the sim was full when I was there the other day, so push in as hard as you can, you don’t want to miss out, especially if you have lots of Alts that could use some fantastic hair.

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :


A Lofty Skybox – Elate 



Sweetwater Vase – Cheeky Pea

Light up my way Arrow Light – Art Dummy

Pickers Guitar and Framed Woodcuts Art – Zinnias ( Four Walls Hunt item)

Living Room:

Falling Wall Decor – What Next ( Four Walls Hunt item)

The Rage & The Struggle Wall Art – Art Dummy 

For winter conversations chair – Art Dummy

Haarlem Deco Set (sofa, chairs, coffee table, books)  – POST 

Old Mesh Area Rug – Pilot 

Henri Vase with Plant, Nora Vase – NsB Not so Bad

Dining Room:

NYCC Dining Table and Chairs, NYCC Artichoke Lamp – Trompe Loeil 


Once (decorative dummy and lamp) – Art Dummy


Arctic Wall Lamp Bear – Vespertine ( Four Walls Hunt item)

Harrington Rug – The Strawberry Box ( Four Walls Hunt item)

Canopy Bed Poplar Morning Light Fabrics ( tinted black) – Trompe Loeil 

Bamboo Vase – NsB Not so Bad


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Helena – Tuli 

Helena Lips Tattoo  – Tuli 


Sound , Only – Elikatira 


Denim Moto Jacket – DCNY @ Zodiac/February 

Nikola Pants – Celoe 

Low Neck Tee – Izzies 


Mesh Feet, Aussie Thongs – SLink 


Mesh Hands – SLink