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Feeling a bit country at the moment, with my new hat, boots and awesome denim dress. The setting is the New Falling into You – Market set that Whimsy and I created for My Attic this session. It is Pumpkinpalooza up in here, and I just love the idea of visiting a market like this with fresh produce, home-grown on some imaginary farm. The Market set is also very low prim, it looks like hundreds but its about 47 altogether, even less if you make it smaller size wise, which is so cute for kids to play shopping games with friends. At 95L for the whole thing during the event, definitely fun.

The setting was perfect also to show off my new items. The hat is the revenge hat from that they released for Cinema, while I debated the two colour choices, finally settling on black, it was of course brown that would have been more viable with the belts and boots overall…I do wish in this case though the hat had been texture change, being a more versatile accessory, but the style of it is so perfect and cool, I am happy either way, especially as I got to wear it so fast on an impulse buy.

Under the hat, with hair being so complicated to fit under hats usually, I took a hairbase from LeLutka, then added the tail portion of the Belle hair, and the bun from the swish hair over the top at the join to give it a more realistic look. I love all the additional pieces in LeLutka styles lately, because you can do wonderful things like this with them.

I was really excited to learn that Babette Ultsch of Kitties Lair was back and creating in Mesh…first off just that she was back and creating was yay worthy, but mesh too was just wonderful news. Her footwear in the past had been fond favourites for years, especially as she did tend to do incredibly high heels and sexy shoes. Then also the clothing of past releases were always adored, case in point the cut off denim shorts she released eons ago that had a bit more cheek in them than regular cut offs and were lots and lots of fun, you can see that old pic HERE.

So to have her back with both is exciting. The new Betsy Corsage dress is a denim strapless dress that is very well constructed, with wonderful detailing and a fantastic movement in the back, definitely going to get some attention there. Not only the back though, the chest area of this dress adds a lot to the shape and form of the body. I am actually wearing a smaller size than I usually do, because its an asset friendly dress. Definitely a design for those more ample up top, so for those who may have in the past had to up a size to have the chest area fit, Kitties Lair is looking after you. There is also the added benefit of a HUD with the dress allowing for the denim change, belt colour change as well as the metal of the flat studs on the bodice in either silver or gold.

On the footwear front, the 7th Street boots are beautiful, whether worn with this style dress, or with pants or a lovely coat, the style are going to be worn often with the upcoming layers weather. The contrast turned over tops are lovely, but I realy like the zipper side detailing and the gorgeous stacked heel. The heel also being really well shaped and signature high. DEMO DEMO DEMO it all.

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Poses by : Marukin

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Roza – Glam Affair


Hair Base, Swish Bun, Belle Ponytail, Amanda, Aradia 2.0 – LeLutka 


Betsy Corsage Dress – Kitties Lair 


7th Street Boots – Kitties Lair 


Revenge Hat – @ Cinema Event 

Mesh Hands – SLink