Hair Fair 2012 – Bandana Day

Bandana Day Hair Fair 2012

Bandana Day 2012 poster

Today as is the tradition, it is the last day of Hair Fair 2012 which means Bandana Day, where we “Remove our hair to show we care”. Do you have to do this, nope, is it fun, yes.  Every year residents from all over, send in bandanas they have made prior to the fair opening and they are sold for 50L and the money goes to Wigs for Kids. Every year I am floored not only by the great imagination these bring out, but also the kindness and some even include notecards explaining why it is important to them to be part of this. Those always make me cry.

Some over the years have become collectibles, and I am showing just five of the dozens for sale, so you can get some idea of how fabulous they are. Tekelili Tantalus always wows me, and this years armor style bandana is AMAZING, it even has wings this year. There is a boys and girls option to purchase and a few different colours you can choose.

The top left is actually by KittyCats co-creator Callie Cline, so you will find that if you have the breeds she created, then you will be all fabulous and matchy to your cats, but if not then its all about the faux fur awesomeness.  Bottom left is by Dita Tran of Fulo Jewelry and is a very stylish look, that can be purchased in four colours and is really classy looking.

Top right is by Thora Charron of LeLutka, and is all mesh and the scarf ends are separate and rigged, so it will move with your body. The top portion is non rigged so you can resize it to fit, as all Bandanas are modify. The tiedye fabric is so soft and pretty in this one. Hinako of Hinako Hairstore made the adorable one on the bottom right, and it is so cute with the little doll and banana sleeping on the top.


Bandana Booths are on all four sims of  Hair Fair 2012, you can identify them with the poster above.

Have a great Bandana Day everyone, and thank you all for being part of Hair Fair 2012.

Slurls for all sims 


Skin Worn – Isla –  League

Top worn – Tucked Tee – Tres Blah – Collabor88/july