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Every year during Hair Fair, one of my favourite things to do is check on what Anya Ohmai has done. This is because every year since the ‘shoulder up’ – thats what I call it – series, she has done amazing Hair Fair hair pictures. This year is just as amazing, and you can see them HERE on her Flickr if you haven’t already. This year though, is her second year attending Hair Fair as a participant, and so this post is the hair she released for the fair.

The three styles shown are Gillian, Ginta and Chloe, and while they are pretty and girly, they are definitely casual to dressier in wear-ability. In the first two I especially love the thin headband and half updo creation at the back, with the hair having more volume at the top, it is very lovely and creates a beautiful silhouette. I matched two of the styles together with the new mesh blazer from Elate, this blazer is really nice to wear, and the contrast piping had me so excited. Whether with long pants, like these gorgeous ones from Celoe, or shorts that are very fetching, the look works so well.

I kept with the shorts look and am wearing the really pretty cardigan from The Sea Hole at Colllabor88. This cardigan comes with the bra top hardwired to it, I really wish designers would not do that, I know I have said it before, but as clothes most of the time are built as layers in PS/Gimp, keep them that way. That cardigan as its own item would be so wearable with many other things, other bra tops, same with the bra top that is underneath, it would be a lovely go to bra for many things, even as a default always worn kind of bra, as it is strapless and low enough to wear under most mesh. While the creativity of the designer is incredibly important, once the customer purchases the item, it allows for even more. I know that many love to see how people can take their items to different levels of looks, and be proud of their ability to see more in an item than originally thought of, but layered clothing that is not available as single parts, doesn’t allow for that.

I once got the response from a designer that it was because they have to flatten the layers to save. No you do not, that is not true of PS and I doubt it is true of Gimp, that is how they were taught to do things, and have since changed that – yay – but the way PS works is that whatever layers are visible is what will save, so if you do make something all as one file, then just save the item in the parts you want, un-check the eye beside the layers you don’t want for that portion and do a regular save file as , then keep doing that to keep the parts you need as you need. If that does not work for you, or you don’t feel comfortable with it, open another document the same exact size, name it what you will be saving such as bra, and then duplicate the bra portion over to the new document, and do the same for the other pieces to their own documents. This way after you save as a TGA or a PNG you can save the documents of each portion as a PSD and have them as starting off layers for another item in the future, or better yet, if you decide to revisit an item for more colours, or you need a fast item for an event, there you have it, all ready for new colours or prints.

Now back to the cardigan, the sheerness of it is superb, that is why I want it solo lol, but the whole release is just lovely, so you only have a week or so left to grab it all. The theme this month was Bleached, and the items that came from that theme have all just been amazing.

Isla by League is the skin I am wearing in this post, and we all got a sneak peak during the Skin Addiction showcase a little while back. This is now fully released as of yesterday and she is divine. The skin has so many great options, but the newest is Red Eyebrows, which are wonderful.

The make ups on the Isla skins are beautiful also, a few familiar lips and eyes because they are firm favourites but majority wise it is a fresh pallette and you even get the lipsticks on tattoo layers for the sets and fat pack, so in reality you can make at the very least a hundred combinations that make the skin incredible value. Also new are the mini lipstick packs sold separately, these will work with other skins as they don’t have skin around the mouth as the ones with the skins do, but you will need to try the demos first so you can see if they work for skins you have. They have a whole other colour range in those, so it just adds to the whole overall collection.
The poses I am using today are by Adorkable Poses, they are from the Zodiac/Leo event that is currently on, so make sure you check that out soon.

OhMai is on the Hair Fair – Sand Sim at Hair Fair 2012

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by :  Adorkable Poses @ Zodiac/Leo

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Isla – League 


Gillian, Ginta, Chloe – OhMai @ Hair Fair 2012


Natalie Blazer (M) – Elate 

Prey Bustier – Kyoot @ Zodiac Event/Leo

Lolong Pants (M) – Celoe 

Cocoro Shorts (M) – Toki Doki

Hanalei Shorts (M) – Mon Tissu 

Seafarers Cardigan – The Sea Hole @ Collabor88/July


Nikki – Redgrave 


Motsumame Ring (M) – Mandala

Classic Nails – Izzies

Boho Bangles (modified) – Maxi’s

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