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As I mentioned with the last post I am a Pisces, this means seaside and fish stuff is all win usually for me. So it was instant adoration for this first hair from Exile @ Hair Fair 2012. It has become a kind of tradition for Exile to create a water inspired hair for the event, and this one is just a stunning display of how mesh has allowed this creator to feel no barriers when it comes to creating fabulous hairstyles for us.

The headband that comes with the Sea of Love hair is delicate and beautiful, and something that I would want to display in my house if it was flat it would so be on a shelf somewhere. I kind of wish that Kavar would make an accessories pack of the individual pieces, or smaller arrangements, so that they could be worn as embellishments to other styles, everyone needs a starfish clip.

You will see a bit of a theme in the post today too, maxi skirts for everyone! this skirt is by Baiastice, and the fact that it comes in various striped prints, including an almost Chevron like pattern is just wonderful. The skirt is gorgeous, simple, elegant and exudes a pool side fantasy of frosted margaritas, cabanas and pool boys. The azure version is the first I am wearing and the colours are amazing, and what mesh has done for prints is worthy of some kind of medal of awesome. With all that colour I kept it simple, with a lovely white halter top from Cynful.

The second look has the Silent Wings hair. You can choose to wear with or without the beautiful peacock feathers attachment, but seriously I want more feathers. The style is stunning, I actually also want Kavar to cut it at the first ties for a medium length do, because its stunning at that length in the way its been styled, but really the tails that are uneven in length and with one additional tie on one side is just inspired. It also looks so beautiful with the oversized hat also from Baiastice, that if you haven’t got this hat yet, I assure you there is so much love to be had for it.

The necklace is toki doki, and I loved the green in it, with the green of the feathers that I made my footwear green also. The new Aussie Thongs are from SLink and they are add on attachments for your rigged mesh feet. Just wear your feet you may/may not already own by SLink – they may fit others but you would need to try with the demo – and then add the thongs over the top, just like real life. They come in really great colours for all year round, just as they do down under, because while it is confusing for some in other countries the thongs thing, they are and have always been thongs down here.

The last look with the Wide Awake hair is a dressier into the evening look. The skirt in the black chevron look is divine, as is the brown obviously, but with the babytux bra with the straps shown, some gorgeous accessories and this sexy hair, it is all systems go. The hair looks so innocent in the add, and has its own hair attachment of butterflies as well, but without, and with the right look, it is pounceworthy.

The skins I am wearing in this post are the new Glance Skins called Coco, three shades, which is I am sure appreciated by many – as in the past Glance usually only does one at the start and sometimes adds others. This time three at once, and they are leaning towards being more of a black skin than cacausian, but with the tones being very mixed in lightness, there is the opportunity to use them as a more diverse looking option than just a regular tan. The Coco skin on me looks very similar to the JLo inspired skin previously released, it definitely has some of that look for me, but then that is all shape relative. The skins come with ten shadows and ten glossy and ten matt lipsticks as tattoos, I have shown only some of the combinations you can make, but honestly the glossy lips are probably some of the best I have seen around for a while.

There are different brow options, even a no brow option for those wanting to add tattoo brows, there is also a cleavage enhanced option, so you are definitely going to find a lot in this skin range to like…demo demo demo.

While shooting the skins I wore the crush hair from Exile also, you cannot see the rest of it, but those bangs are chunky hotness, the rest is just as beautiful and you will need to go try them all.

Don’t miss Exile at Hair Fair, they are on the Sand Sim …

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Poses by : Glitterati

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Coco – Glance Skins


Sea of Love (M) , Silent Wings (M) , Wide Awake (M) , Crush (M) – Exile @ Hair Fair 2012


Sushlee HalterTop – Cynful 

Sunah Mesh maxi skirt (M) – Baiastice

House Lounge Bodysuit – Royal Blue 

Babytux Bra (M) – One Bad Pixel 


Bare Feet (M) , Aussie Thongs (M) – SLink 


Droopy Necklace – Toki Doki 

Huge Brim Hat (M) – Baiastice 

Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace – Yummy @ Collabor88/July 

Pearl Necklaces (M)- Maxi’s 

Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails – Izzies