Hair Fair 2012 – A whole lot of Rosy Mood




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It is always fun when you get to be a walking promotion for a fashion item, such was the case when I had to TP over to Hair Fair 2012 to help someone and I still had on these fantastic studded long boots by J’s. The instant I landed the male partner of the lady I was tping in to help asked if the boots I had on came in a guys version…YES, YES they do. The boots come in both female and male versions, which is fabulous. The boots come in 5 colours and they even have a HUD for lengthening to the boots height, just in case you need a little extra. The stud detail is fabulous, and they are really well detailed mesh boots.

The other boots are the short boots, also by J’s they come in 12 different prints and are adorable Doc Marten inspired punk boots. I really like the print choices, these skully’s versions were adorable, but as for the solid colours I am totally loving the army green look, and will definitely try and work those into a look soonish.

The hair that I am featuring today is Rosy Mood, I swear just the name makes me happy, but that is the intention I am sure. Other than that the creator is all sorts of fun, while setting up I had the pleasure of chatting with Calico Felisimo with Mel for a little while, the conversation was all over the place and very fun. The three styles I am showing are really beautiful, when I saw the first one  Caniche, I was really impressed with how true to life it looks. The style has such a sensuality to it for a short style, and whether suited up or barely dressed it really works. The bra and boyshorts set I am wearing are the latest Blue Slush release, and I really like the duo neon combo look of the colours.

Next up is the Goldfish hair, I got very excited over this style, being a Pisces and all that, it didn’t hurt that it is really great fun to wear and so pretty. I like that it is such a piled high tail, but using a shorter length style hair, very thick and great bangs in this look. I went with the Minidress in mesh from Blue Slush, which with the boots and hair went from being a beach mini dress look to a edgier combo.

Lastly the Satsuma style is a sleek mini bob, smoothed back on one side and definitely a style that is both sophisticated and memorable. It did remind me of the 20’s though, so I went with putting together a combination of 20’s and 80’s. The tiered skirt and top and shrug are mixed from other Blue Slush items, the shrug and bra are part of a set called Lolita, but definitely loved them with the skirt and hair. The last item and a MUST HAVE is the Garbo Graduated Necklace from Maxi’s @ Collabor88/July, if you did not grab this yet, get back over there, because you would be insane not to love it. The necklace comes in separate strands or an all in one combo – if you need to edit where it sits on your body, you need to go into transparent – ctrl alt T – and then grab the invisible prim to be able to move it up and down. There are also 20 colour options, so this necklace will make you happy for dozens of outfits to come.

Make sure you take the time to visit Rosy Mood at Hair Fair 2012 the store is located on the Hair Fair – Garden Sim.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : Diesel Works

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Jen – League 


Caniche , Goldfish, Satsuma – Rosy Mood @ Hair Fair 


Lace Bra & Boyshorts, Beach Minidress (M) , Ruffle Mini (M) , Lolita Bra & Crochet Shrug – Blue Slush


Short Boots (M) , Studded Long Boots (M) – J’s 

Barefeet (M) – SLink


Garbo Graduated Necklace – Maxi’s @ Collabor88/July

Adnata Wrist Cuff Graphite – Addictia 

Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails – Izzies