Events – Skin Addiction Skin Showcase, Cynful & CnS Poses Birthday, My Attic, Chic 2nd Birthday

SA's Skin Showcase AD

Skin Addictions Skin Showcase has started officially today. This event spans a full sim, with featured skins from skin creators that are part of the Skin Addictions Group. There are Group Gifts, if you join the Skin Addictions Group, which is a group where skin stores post their new release info as well, and there are demos being sent through the group for the event, so check your notices.

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Cyn City Anniversary Party Invite

Definitely a MUST do for this Saturday is the 3rd and 4th Anniversary party of CnS Poses and Cynful. This event will be one hell of a celebration, as just any other day with Cynthia is usually a crazy fun filled day. There will be gifts and DJ’s and all sorts of greatness, so make sure you go and turn on your music.

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My Attic @ The Deck - Participants

My Attic is also in full swing, the event runs until May 31st and all items are 95L
The stores involved in this session are:

Adorkable Poses
Cracked Mirror
Elymode (special guest)
Exile (Special Guest)
Frou Frou Hair
One Bad Pixel (special guest)
Pididdle (special guest)
The Strand
W.Winx Home & Garden

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CHIC2 Birthday Event Poster

June 3rd which is right around the corner will be Chic’s 2nd Birthday Bash, this event was huge last year, and proves to be huge again this year, so look out for that one as well.