Come on get Happy

Come on get Happy

Baia Baia Black Sheep




I think that for many Second Life Residents, there are transitions when it comes to fashion and what one wears. I don’t necessarily mean things like seasonal changes, or price variances. I myself joined Second Life back in 06, but I don’t think the stages vary that much, I just think the quality and abundance has grown over the years. I joined Second Life and was excited about everything I saw, and experienced. At first everything is so exciting in the realms of ‘ I can be and do anything ‘ and then there is also the sexuality nature of being a virtual being all of a sudden – I don’t mean sex as such, but more the energy of being able to take charge of every part of your presence, and how that makes you feel, the outcome can be very alluring. You can change how you look, feel and what defines your real life, with just a few numbers on sliders, colour of hair, eyes and even skin.

Back to clothing though, I like many went through the schoolgirl outfits and the flirty looks. Day two in SL I actually modeled a Goth Schoolgirl outfit, so that was definitely fun, and I got to keep the outfit. Sheer was exciting and naughty and revealing was the norm, especially with the amount of themed events that were all over the grid every day and night. I had a beautiful lace blouse that I wore with a classic long tulle skirt, I loved being able to look sexy but with that air of classic elegance. So the quick little flirty outfits soon turned to more classic lined pieces. There is also the learning curve in Second Life, the understanding that clothes are made up of parts, and what may look like a dress in an ad, is still a top and bottom, and can often be separated to wear with other options. All of these things add up to little pieces of a soon to expand inventory. Our growth also expands to the grid itself, the places we travel to; to find more amazing stores and searching for everything else that goes into putting the final touches to a look.

We still go back and forth to the fun and flirty looks, but I do think that all of us grow and learn to appreciate the beauty and elegance of more classic styled pieces. The maturity of fashion itself, and how refined elegance can be even more sexy and arousing overall. Even if jeans and shirts are your go to pieces, the quality and what you will accept and not accept in your purchases will grow and change over time. I love that about Second Life, how people seem to follow very similar patterns, leading up to discovering the very same stores as those before them, and it just repeats through hundreds and thousands of residents… thank goodness it does because if we all just went straight to the end game, it wouldn’t be as exciting as the trip it took to get there.

Today’s looks are very classic in style, and pretty much an abundance of mesh. Not Mesh though are the pieces from Happy, the beautiful high waist pants and lovely sheer sleeved top are just beautiful and so pretty to look at. The pants have a sash belt attachment that just adds that little more that makes them stand apart from others. Happy does such beautiful items, and wow has her store grown over the past year, the collection is huge, and so many wonderful separates to create amazing looks.

The mesh clothing in the first and most of the second picture are from Baiastice. Baiastice has been releasing amazing selections of mesh items, and the colours and prints are imaginative and refreshingly vivid. The strapless top on the far left is beautifully structured, and I really like the texture a lot on this top. The sweaters are all lovely too, especially the Shirley one with the lower back and ribbon bow accent at the back. Cute and sexy are the Cortes shorts, folded cuffs just add to their charm. These would look great also with leggings underneath or opaque stockings/pantyhose. The middle me in the second pic is wearing one of the new pencil skirts from Maitreya, the rose pink is just lovely, and the length and fit of these skirts are great. they are highwaisted and just charming as hell. There is a new VIP Group for Maitreya now, and if you join and wear your tag, there is a pencil skirt gift at their main counter in their store, so make sure you grab that when you are there, as I do not know how long it will be set out.

The four styles of hair I am wearing are all from Wasabi Pills, they are the Dominique 1 & 2 and the Annette 1 & 2, great styles with the Annettes being modify as they aren’t rigged. The skin is Cassandra by Izzies, a beautiful skin with so many options of make up layers, eyeshadows and lipsticks all separate, and then also you can get additional lip gloss and eyeliners. As usual the skins themselves come with cleavage, dark and lighter ( not blonde ) brows and freckles options, and the wonderful glove layer that allows for a perfect add on fake nails base so that your skin nails don’t show. DEMO DEMO DEMO them all.

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Poses by : aDORKable Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Cassandra Skin – Izzies

Lipgloss & Eyeshadow – Izzies


Annette, Annette2, Dominique  – Wasabi Pills 


Preen Pants, Timeless Beauty Top – HAPPY 

Altha Top, Helena Sweater, Corte Shorts – Baiastice 


Move Pumps – Elikatira 

Bow Soiree Platform Wedges – Paper Couture 


Lalani Dramatic Earrings & Bangle Cuff – Rebel Hope Designs

Decoy Cosmo Earrings & Bangles – GLOW Studios 

Rosy Manicure Nails – Leverocci 

Kashish Scarf – Zaara 

Yuse Bag – Ricielli 


Skin Worn:

Cassandra – Izzies 


Dominique, Dominique 2 – Wasabi Pills 


Ioho High Waist Pants, Shirley Sweater, Cortes Shorts, Helena Sweater – Baiastice 

Mesh Pencil Skirt – Maitreya


Move Pumps – Elikatira 

Typhoon Boots – Paper Couture 

Radical Boots – Maitreya 


Gia Clutch – Ricielli 

Rosy Manicure Nails - Leverocci 

Shield Ring – LaGyo