First off some info about an upcoming event…Epoch Legend will start on the 26th of February and this is looking to be an incredible concept theme wise and build wise. If you look at the website you can also see some of the images related to the items. Also if you check out the Flickr stream of Anya Ohmai you can get a sneak peak at some of the build features that her and Suetabulous Yootz have created for part of the event. The list of stores is wonderful, so be sure to mark your calendars for this one, I saw some sneak peaks at some great items earlier today, it is going to be an impressive event.

More Festival of Sin do overs today, in the form of the shoes, and the wonderful skins…but seeing as I didn’t show all the make ups yesterday, I thought I would today.

The skin is of course the Vanity skin from Glam Affair @ FoS, this comes in four make ups with hair base or not options, and there are 10 lipsticks you can also purchase. I went with the natural skin again today, but with the added black lipstick for a dramatic look with such a non dramatic style of outfit…I like contrasting that way. It also went well with the beautiful new black hair I picked up earlier today at The Dressing Room Blue, the hair is from Exile and is a shorter MESH style unrigged but so sexy, in that mussed up longish-ly short way.

Now yesterday was a fun day shopping with Whimsy and Helyanwe, we ended up at the Love Gatcha event, which I didn’t know about until I landed at a store participating in it. I am so addicted to Gatchas, from way back when we didn’t even have those events in SL but I did a post about a Lucky Dip machine Trilobite had with corsets in it. It is hard to imagine SL without Gatcha events now, and this one was so much fun, I literally almost died from too much cute, I squealed so high pitched in Whimsy and Hely’s ears, poor girls.

The first items I was all over where the incredible Doll ring and necklace sets from Tentacio, I did a post on them a while ago, and was going back to see newness and saw that these were at the event. They were must haves before I even tp’d but to find them at only 25c a pop was AWESOME. I did get a few repeats though, which is rare for me, but it was ok as they are transfer once you unbox them, so I was able to give my spares to the girls. I am actually wearing the ring from one and the necklace from another, as it’s a bit overkill to wear both with the same image, plus they are too darn cute not to wear as many as you can at once.

We also stopped over at Willow and I got this beautiful cardigan, it is hand drawn and the sleeves are really nicely styled with the sleeves having those pull up from under tab/button things that I have no idea the real name for. Also one of my favourite things as has been raved about over and over here, the bottom portion of the cardigan is done on the system skirt layer, so it is away from the body where it needs to be, but moves with the avatar, so lovely.

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Poses by : aDORKable Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Vanity – Glam Affair @ Festival of Sin 


Magda – Exile @ The Dressing Room Blue ( NOW ) 


Ricci Cardigan – Willow 

Pia Leggings – MichaMi


Khan Heels – Ingenue @ Festival of Sin 


Necklace and Ring (two different sets)- Tentacio @ Love Gatcha (NOW) 

Classic Nails – Izzies