I like it like that




I am all the girly girl today, and loving it. How could you not though, when you get to combine what is usually a tough look with a delicate and super feminine idea..I love everything about this look, I only have one wish though.

The wish is for the amazing new boots (MESH rigged and unrigged versions) by GOS. First off I LOVE THEM, so lets get to why… Firstly I love me some great quality kicking booty boots, and Doc Martens are the kicking bootiest of them all. So the style is perfect, now for reasons 2 to infinity, the colours of the leather are perfect, but I do wish with all my heart that there were more, like white, and bright yellow because that would rock so hard. Then I love the fact that they have two options of wear, the full leg, which is HOT, and the Unlaced and folded over which is OMG HOT, but it’s there my wish comes in, WHERE IS THE ONE UP ONE FOLDED OPTION ? I would love to see that as an option, because it just looks adorable, the other wish actually is that the ribbons also came in more colours, like the pink and red of the leather, because that would be awesome too, but I have to realise it would probably be overkill, and Gospel has done an incredible amount of options as you can see in the pics. I really also like that there are two options for black, shiny new and worn.  The linings are also fantastic, especially the plaids that give a really nice choice and the sheepskin is awesome for those that really just want some great biker boots looking boots. DEMO these asap, they come in a great range of sizes and do come rigged and unrigged, so you have a lot of choice in your footwear style.

Now the Festival of Sin is in full throttle and the releases I have seen so far are fantastic. Now be sure to realise that this is an ADULT only event, so you must have your avatar age verified to get in, you can do that by visiting the Second Life website and log in , then you will find the correct page HERE . If you cannot verify, or are not an adult, I am sorry, but you will have to wait until the event is over and the items are in the individual stores of the creators. Also be aware that this is an event based on the idea of Sin, so the Adult warning is a bit more than just naked avs on posters, this means that there may be content of an adult nature, so prepare yourself for that. Also make sure and remove all scripted items before you go, as they have a script checker on entry, and you don’t want to be kicked out before you even get the chance to shop.

Some of the items in this post are actually at the event, the first being this beautiful MESH hair by Exile, it is named Famous for Nothing which is such a funny name and so in keeping with the themes of the event. I am so loving the MESH by Exile, it is going to be an incredible hair for him hairstyles wise, as he always manages to reach in and come up with some really stand out styles.

Other stand out items for Festival of Sin, are the fabulous accessories by Addict, I am only wearing one of those though this time, the cuff is MESH also and has a great kind of resin quality to it with the spikes and a really cool clasp that is actually addict in letters, yay for MESH making that kind of thing possible. Glam Affair also has done some amazing skins for Festival of Sin, called Vanity, and while I am only showing the one natural make up one this post, I will definitely do a post on the others asap. The skin is beautiful and has a real asian quality to it with the eyes area and the beautiful dark brows. I really like how this looks on my shape, and there are some incredible make ups and lipsticks too – thank you Zoe for bringing the lipsticks to my attention earlier than I had the chance to see .

The clothing I am wearing is not new new, but instant love and infatuation. This top and the adorably sexy crochet shorts are just so girly girl, and definitely a modern take on some really beautiful feminine designs of the past. I just adore the top and whether worn with a long skirt or these sexy little shorts, or just a pair of your favourite jeans they are divine. League has such beautifully detailed items in their collection, and the more romantic boho styles are truly gorgeous, so make sure you grab everything and lots of it.

The last addition to the look is some lovely strands of pearls at varying lengths, these items are from Maxi Gossamer Jewelry, the items in her marketplace store are stunners, and must haves all, I think I bought just about everything I could from the sets I liked, there are beautiful MESH releases also, so get everything you can.


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Poses by : aDORKable  Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Vanity Skin – Glam Affair @ Festival of Sin 


Famous for Nothing MESH – Exile @ Festival of Sin 


Crochet Shorts, Broderie Anglais Blouse – League 


Triumph Boots MESH – GOS 


Day Tripper Bag – Addict 

Wrath Spike Cuff MESH – Addict @ Festival of Sin 

Pearl Necklace Combo – Maxi Gossamer