I Animazoo do you

I have been wanting to take some time to do some video stuff for so long now, but everytime I opened FRAPS something went wrong. As I mentioned the other day, I did end up installing the latest version however and that was way better. Alas though for some unknown to me, and all of the google entries I found for the same situation, everything I spent hours filming – with the glorious help of Ashia Tomsen and Whimsy Winx – ended up black once opened in Windows Live Movie Maker. I have no clue why, as I have always used the editing with PC to do my movies, but for some reason Windows 7 and Fraps are not happy together.

I finally found an alternative though, and it has way more bells and whistles than I am used to, so of course that lead to many more bells and whistles in my edit, because I couldn’t resist the effects lol.


The Dance HUDs featured in this video are both by Animazoo, it has been a long time since I have seen such big releases from them, so this was exciting. The two huds are Quadro Stage Performer Edition and Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition. I took some pics of the interface, and did actually leave the HUD in frame in the video but you don’t see the use of, you will just have to take my word for it that it was super easy and fun.

The HUDs vary by style of dances included, and they are jam packed, but your needs will decide which one is best for you. They both have the primary functions, of allowing you to invite other dancers, and this I found was different in that I was able to invite Whimsy to dance from at least 30 metres away, and I don’t think that regular huds have that ability, but then I have never really tested that before, but was surprised.

You can invite separate dancers, then also stop the dancing on them or yourself, if you want to allow others to keep going, but you yourself stop. You can also choose which dances you are doing and of course you can all sync up, which is a lot of fun. There are sequences already put into the machines, so that the HUD moves through a series of dances playing only a portion of each, creating more of a unique motion, that you also can edit to come up with your own. This would allow endless fun as a choreographer, and make performing in SL a lot easier, and actually not bore people to tears just playing the same dances over and over in full length.

You should really give them both a look, and as I said, see which one is the better option for you, and there is also a lite HUD that is free to try, so grab that while you are there. You can of course also add your own dances, so just think of the endless possibilities and a great way to put some spice back into your dancing.

The HUDs are a lot easier to navigate than remembering chat options, and the HUD is scripted to sit on your monitor on the top right, and when you put it on it asks you which viewer you are using, and if you have any add on toolbars, so that it fits in nicely, I thought that was so cool.

Big thanks to Ashia Tomsen and Whimsy Winx who helped me shoot this, and I hope you like it, we had fun doing it.

Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition Main Menu

Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition Invite Dancers

Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition Sequences

Quadro Ladies Dancefloor Edition Sequence Display Text

Quadro Stage Performer Edition Load Sequence

Quadro Stage Performer Edition Timing

Quadro Stage Performer Edition Settings Menu

Quadro Stage Performer Edition Editting Sequence

Quadro Stage Performer Edition Edit Sequence Menu