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Latex Girl






Awhile ago Mel and I were at Mesmerize doing some updating to my ballet boots, and the store was packed to the rafters. The amazing thing though, was that nearly every single girl there –  and I am not even exaggerating – was wearing the same dress.

I looked closer, and not exactly the same as in all wearing the same options, but as the dress has so many different ones, they were all wearing different variations, some of course had on the same parts, but mostly in different colour combinations. What was even more amazing was it was MESH, and yet I didn’t know about it, and as this was actually when there was only a few MESH items released, and we certainly were able to keep track. But this one, nope, never seen it before. I IM’d one of the women there, and she was kind enough to give me the details, three letters and I was off, because it was a store I have other items from including ballet boots.

What also amazed me, and this is truly something that more MESH creators have to look at doing, is that the pieces are seamless. They join together so well, that you would actually think this was one piece, but it is most definitely a skirt and a top piece worn together. I even had Whimsy come down and tell me where it joined together, and she couldn’t because even with default light settings, you cannot see it. I would love to see more designers do this kind of work, where you can mix and match within an outfit, it would be incredible, and imagine high-waisted mesh pants, that can also be worn as regular pants, or long legged and 3/4, it would be heaven.

KAS is the name of the store, and the MESH Corset Dress in Latex is amazing. Not only do you get three different styled skirts, the long pencil – laced up or not – the flared out mini, which so reminds me of Wonder Woman, and the short more fitted mini – not as tight as it could be, but with this being latex and scripted a full body wrapping skirt is a must. The tops too have many options, my favourite of all of them is the option called free, as in your breasts would be if you don’t wear a top like I did, and that is actually why it is my favourite, because you can be a little more unique with what you put on with it.

This version would also be incredibly popular with the sculpted breast wearers in Second Life, because you would keep to the illusion of it being created to be free of confinement.

Not only do you get all the versions, you also get the HUD that allows you to texture change all the parts, the base, the contrast piping, laces and so on. You can either choose from the presets – of which there are many – or there is a full tint spectrum rainbow to choose from and do it that way, which is amazing. It also allows you to add the different levels of shiny, and glow, if that is your thing. There is a full DEMO at KAS, so be sure to try this dress, honestly it is gorgeous to wear but there is only one size, so you will have to be sure it really works for you. The waist is of course small and tight, because it is after all a corset dress, so don’t be shocked by that, it is meant to be that way.

I am wearing a full piece sheer leather bodysuit from Ison, this is so hot, and so inexpensive, I recently shot Ashia in the full leather one for her store Idiosyncrasy, and I had to get them for myself too. Definitely MUST HAVES!, and available on Marketplace too for a quick drive by shopping.

The Ambition jewelry I am wearing is from MOOD, this set is just lovely, I have earrings like this in brass in RL, and I just love all the dangly pieces, and the fact that you can texture change all those tiny delicate balls. Great set, and available now for Stumblebum at the MOOD Mainstore.

The hair I am wearing is the latest Ploom style, and this hair is so totally Helyanwe  and her Deviant Kitties mojo stirring. The style is wicked cool, and I just love that the tails are knotted midway down, which alludes to them being very controlled. LOVE IT!

The skin I have on and am featuring is the latest Redgrave skin called Bella, inspired by Bella Swan of Twillight, this skin is really strong in facial features, and I especially like the nose for some reason. The mouth is a little smaller on my shape than I am used to, but I love it with the teeth options, of which there are two, both alpha and prim, or tattoo layer. The last pic shows both options, the tattoo layer being the one on the right. I preffered the alpha prim combo, but for those that are limited in alpha layers, you will want the tattoo I expect…I really do not know how you can dress yourselves with the limitations of that type of viewer, but I expect if you have never had the alternative, it would be like it always was.

The skin has many different treats – listed in the credits – but I must point out that the breast minimiser layer – on undershirt – is really lovely, and takes off all that pushed up effect that Redgrave is famous for, I didn’t use it for this post because of the style of clothing, but it really is nice to have the option.

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Poses by : aDORKable

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Bella – Redgrave 

Teeth Attachments (prim and tattoo)

Brows (not worn)

6 x Tattoo Lipsticks (not worn)

Hair Base COVER Tattoo ( the skin by default has a hairbase, so the cover is to remove that )

Shape (not worn)

Breast Minimiser (not worn)

Eyelashes (not worn)

System Eyelash Remover ALPHA (not worn)

4 x Eyes (not worn)

Ring Silver & Gold (not worn)

Armlet Silver & Gold (not worn)


Torti w/ streaks  – Ploom 


Sheer Leather Bustier – Ison 

Latex Corset Dress MESH KAS 


Echo – SLink


Ambition JewelryMOOD 

Nails – Sensations