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New releases that will make you want every colour, just to have the options to combine them. I do so love how when something is created one way, you can utilise all of it’s attributes to make it even greater. Such is the case with these incredible NEW pants. They are a MESH item, but done so in a way to use the clothing layers as the waistband and cuffs, and the Mesh attachment fits seamlessly, even with Standard Sizing, you will not have trouble getting these to fit, it is GENIUS. I am loving all of the little tricks people are coming up with for Mesh.

The Nikola Pants are the latest Celoe release, as well as the wonderful Ano tops and Zoe Pumps. First off the pants, as soon as I saw the colours being changed I realised that you can wear the clothing layer in one colour and the Mesh in another and voila more pants. So if you were to buy more than one pair, and you will want to, then you get even more options, buy them all and its over 120 combinations. Twelve great colours to choose from, but again ALL is such a great choice. This drop crotch style is just perfect for Mesh, I love how they move, and totally work as a modern take on the harem pants of the 70’s.  You can dress these up or down, it also depends on the fabric used to make them, and this one is just lovely. I never really understood the fascination with them until I saw a guy in Boys over Flowers ( Korean Drama ) wearing a pair with his shirt off and all sweaty from basketball, then I GOT IT! wowza he was hot. But aside from that, it is just so uptown as a look when on women…I can totally see Joan Collins wearing a pair in Dynasty. So taking from that sense of style, and discarding about a trillion dollars of diamonds and you have the more up to date look.

The top is super fun too, casual or dressy, the colours totally allow for that, especially the Corn coloured one, having a very gold look about it. I am wearing the NEW Decoy jewelry from Glow Studios with it, and look out, I am all glammed up. The second look had me all a flutter. The NEW Bravo set from MOOD is available in these colours at Four Corners, the event I preposted about last week. It has been a very popular event, and this set is just a taste of why. MOOD was a last minute addition and Jori nailed the theme and really excelled with this combination. The shoulder attachment is just divine, with such incredible detailing and delightful feathers. The whole set is the shoulders in feather or bare with diamonds, earrings in both styles and cuff bracelets. I am only showing the shoulder attachment this time, but totally worth getting the lot as the style is going to liven up some formal wear for the season.

The other Jewelry I am wearing is from Essentia Jewelry, the Gem Deco set is a firm favourite, with texture change options, with hand made gemstones in many different colours, as well as metals. Incredible detailing, and big earrings which I just love. While I am around the ears area, the hair I have on in this post is QCX which is a pontail with a back combed look, and it is fabulous with the roots textures. The other style is Wilde which is just beautiful with the bun at the top of the head, such pretty hair, and yay for more Lelutka.

The nails I am wearing are some I found along the way this week. They are by Sensations – which is an adult themed store so be aware – these nails have the usual colours of nailpolish etc, but they have extras that aren’t so common, as well as other great things. Firstly you can choose which nail is what colour. such as if you want to have rainbow nails you can, or have one nail stand out etc. You can also change the shape of the nail, and add rings to which ever fingers. This function is different :p you have a leash holding option for those Mistresses who like to hold onto their pets, or for owners of actual pets it would be great for pics. Then you have different sizes to choose from in the folder BUT if yours isn’t included you can notecard the creator and she will do custom sizing FREE OF CHARGE as long as you know the size of your hands.

Then speaking of hands, you get the option to pose yours with the nails, so you can do the peace sign, fist, salute, relaxed hands and point…so very cool and I have never seen that before, but have heard of it from Iris Ophelia, not sure if it was these nails though. Anyway, the greatness doesn’t stop there, they are MOD, but still doesn’t stop there, you can CUSTOMISE your own nails and rings, the nails come with details and textures as well as info on a PSD file to get the nails for PS or GIMP, so you can make your own and input them into the nails HUD…that then also allows you to sell packs of the nails textures so that people can insert them into their own sets – make very sure if you do that that you read the fine print first and don’t sell anything you don’t have rights too. They are really cool nails, and a really good price for all the features they have.

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes. The Zoe pumps are the latest MESH shoes from Celoe today also, these are really pretty pumps, and make your feet look so dainty. I really love the toes on these, they are pointed but not pointy, very cool and the colours are great, the red is HOT HOT HOT. Make sure you are using a viewer that allows you to add alpha layers though so you can wear all the goodies at once, if not though you can use the textures included to make yourself an all in one alpha.

The last piece of jewelry I am wearing is from Yummy, there are so many beautiful treasures in that store – the store is Nylon Outfitters and Yummy Combined. Both sisters do such detailed work, and I love the sentimental inspired pieces that Polyester does, they are truly beautiful. You can also still grab some Yummy at Collabor88 so don’t forget to do that up until the 8th of Jan.

The skin I am wearing is Party Girl, a new one from Curio, I will show the make ups at another time though, but if you can’t wait DEMO DEMO DEMO it is really lovely and the face is really nice and great make ups as usual…with freckles and light/dark options available as the norm.


The pic of me on the right is again combining

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Poses by : aDORKable

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Left Me:

Skin Worn:

Party Girl – Curio by Gala Phoenix 


QCX Hair – LeLutka 


Ano Top, Nikola Pants MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim


Zoe Pumps MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim


Norma Clutch MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim

Decoy Set Gold – Glow Studio 

Middle  Me:

Skin Worn:

Party Girl - Curio by Gala Phoenix 


QCX Hair – LeLutka 


Ano Top, Nikola Pants ( Pants layer worn from different colour pants, they do not come in two tone )  MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim


Zoe Pumps MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim


Bravo Shoulder Feathered – MOOD @ Four Corners Event 

Gem Deco Set Silver/Lapis – Essentia Jewelry @ The Deck 

Nails – Sensations ( Adult Content Store ) 

Right Me:

Skin Worn:

Party Girl - Curio by Gala Phoenix 


Wilde – LeLutka 


Gea Top ( clothing layer with Mesh collar – not worn )– Celoe @ Lelutka Sim

Nikola Pants ( Pants layer worn from different colour pants, they do not come in two tone )  MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim


Zoe Pumps MESH – Celoe @ Lelutka Sim


Mery Gloves MESHCeloe @ Lelutka Sim

Shoulder Wrap (part of an outfit)  – SHI

Floral Keepsake Necklace – Yummy 

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