H is for Heartsick

Another Vintage Fair ad :]

Thank you Voshie Paine for your help today. I was totally having a brain meltdown for skins with H, and felt wretched about that. Not only do I know the store I did feature, but I also picked up their Vintage Fair skin which is just delightful as a theme, but also for anyday wear due to its lovely softness but still very sexy to wear as a dressed up skin. Seriously when your inventory runs wild, like mine has of late, it is a nightmare. Seriously lovely designers who I love love, please stop putting symbols in front of your store names on your vendors… it was so cute back when two of you were doing it to be at the top of peoples inventories :P, but when everyone does it, and with different ones, you end up passing the same letters over and over again and things end up whacky.

So this is my H post for the wonderful Alphabet Challenge, with a little bit of Vintage Fair goodness thrown in, that way you get a sneak peak at some of the goodies you can expect to see at this wonderful event. I was given a sneak peak last night and it truly is a great range of stores, some that are new to me, and of course the classics. One item I got and am showing I did modify to make it less of a tunic and more of a mini dress, which is still totally in keeping with the theme, so YAY me lol.

The Heartsick skin is Marilyn goodness, and seriously have you seen anything about the new Marilyn Monroe Movie that Michelle Williams is starring in, I saw some on Ellen and she looks amazing. As I said the skin is totally in theme, and has OMG so many options for one make up, I had to actually read the notecard on abbreviations just to see what was what, because even though I did guess right on one, I wanted to be double sure. Make sure you try the demos and also check out the other add on layers/tats you can pick up.

The tunic as I said has been lengthened just pulling down the bottom slowly so as not to stretch out the texture. It is fun and flirty and great colouring and print. It also was the right colour for my glasses from Hatpins, both available @ Vintage Fair. The layout is huge, and I worked out my own method as soon as I saw it all. I did each middle section as a circle, first one then the other, then went around the outside. Then wash, rinse repeat. Also the middle stores are along the sim border so you can shop on the opposite sim, if it is too full to actually enter, while you wait.

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Poses by : HelaMiyo

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Vintage – Aura Monroe – Heartsick @ Vintage Fair 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Sex Symbol – Head Mistress 


Zephyr Tunic (Modified to lengthen) – Happy @ Vintage Fair 


Arch Boots – House of Fox 


Steffani LUX Tote – House of Fox @ Vintage Fair 

Frankie Horn Rimmed Glasses – Hatpins @ Vintage Fair