G is for Girlsssssssssss

G Girls
Jourdan 3
Jourdan 2
Jourdan 1
Freja 3
Freja 2
Freja 1
Wellington 3
Wellington 2
Wellington 1
Storm 1
Storm 2
Storm 3


Ok so I had to do a big G right – Alphabet Challenge FTW , what with me being so behind I got to kill two birds with one stone. Whimsy is still trying to get her F on, and I had hoped to do G,H,I at once like the others I have done, but seriously 13 pics for one letter was probably enough. If you want to see closer, and you seriously should with the skins make ups being beautiful and the shoes combos so much fun, then just click them to see the originals at Flickr.

Ok so with the skins I have featured GLANCE, they released three new skins at once last month, and I am loving the make ups and the freshness and as usual incredible diversity of the faces. There is also an asian inspired one called Poly so be sure to take the time to get as many DEMOS as you can and try them for yourself.

Now the shoes/boots, it didn’t take much thought to know it would be all GOS, and as I said being behind meant I had a stash to show. The Storm Sandals are really great open toed ankle boot style, the first feet in shoes I believe for Gos. The HUD is pretty cool too, making tinting easy as I just hit one of the presets and I was away. Then you also have the all colours and then the option to style your own, seriously fat packing is all win with Gos because of these features, you can seriously design your own looks so easily and there are so many base colours to choose from, his palette is way impressive of late. The Wellingtons or Wellies as we call them are wicked cool too, they are mesh and rigged so they bend with your ankle as all good Wellies should. I especially like that they have a kind of modern take on the traditional look, sort of like an old Wellie had a foot affair with a Croc or something lol. They also have an awesome ability to mix and match, and I know that I am not exactly splashing around in the rain or snow, but a fashionista has to be prepared right.

For my looks I mixed up a bit from a few brands on the right, some G*field, Gawk! and Gizza for the clothing. The pants are so cute and shiny, they are actually part of a set Mel bought me on one of his crazy Marketplace sprees, and while the set as a whole wasn’t really my style I do like the pants. I realised I am lacking in the G department for hair, so ran over to Gritty Kitty and Gauze and grabbed both styles…never ever sad to have to buy new hair. What really made me happy was the Gawk! highwaisted panties and bodysuits, being able to combine perfect colours to go with the camo print of the shoes and then top it off with the perfect necklace from Glow Studio, I liked the name of it and sure enough perfect companion pieces, bloggers fate for sure.

I just realised that Willow and her Posse have gotten up to I while I have been slacking, so I better get back into it, and push that Whimsy Winx while I am there.

Have a great day all, and don’t forget Vintage Fair is COMING SOON.


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Poses by : Glitterati 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Freja Skin, Jourdan Skin  – Glance 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Bette – Gritty Kitty 

Destroy – Gauze 


Jolly Outfit (PANTS ONLY) – Gizza 

Salmon Simple Cotton Body (TOP ONLY) – Gawk!

Ruffle Bolero – G*Field 

Ultra High Waist Panties – Gawk!


Wellingtons (MESH) – GOS

Storm Sandals – GOS


Sing me your sorrows Necklace – Goth1c0

Fat Chain and Feathers Necklace – GLOW Studio

Leather Waist Belt – Gawk!