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The Money Shot 2

The Money Shot

It isn’t really the ‘money shot’ because we all know what that really is…and if you don’t it is not my job to tell you. But I did have to come up with something almost as fun as the movie of the past, and these shoes definitely deserved the spotlight. These shoes are the shoes that can help you pay for college, you know the ones you wear during that part time job that is just a means to law school.

When Siddean first showed Mel and I these shoes it was instant, lust! I really want a pair with fish in them. The options are excellent, as you get four pairs in the one colour. Clear soles, Clear Straps and Solids of both. They are totally the perfect working girl shoes, and I love them because they go so wonderfully well with Latex.

Goth1c0 is a brand that has been around for a long time, and its creator disappears every once in a while, but now seems to have some help in the form of other creators. I say yay, more Goth1c0 please. The first two items are from there, and they are fun and sexy, and a tad revealing. So much so that with the first one I had to search pasties in my inventory for some modesty. I really like the pieces to this set, I could see wearing the collar portion with other things easily.

Also showing off the latest two releases of Exile hair, I am so in love with the Valerie, I have been singing that damn song all day. It is great to have so many choices of styles with each release, Exile definitely fulfills the ‘ I don’t want to look like who I am shopping with’ need many friends who shop together need. Even when we do fall for the same do’s and usually when it comes to Exile Whimsy is trying to pull it off my head, she tends to go for the lighter reds, so it all works.

While taking the pics, I was talking in loose text to Mel – he is away at the moment, so thank goodness for phone skype text…and he couldn’t help himself with his handy phone internet access, he bought me a pressie off Marketplace. I am really happy too, because usually Graves is not his first choice when it comes to latex, but I really like it. I think it is because it tends to lead to more the RP aspect of rubbery goodness, than just the shiney side. I love it because I can feel all warrior like and still sexy in it, but this set is a bit different and while there is a lot more layering to it, I went with the bare minimal. Which also shows off the body of the gorgeous Ploom skins I am wearing. Not only do they have a great body, but the make ups and petulant lips are just divine.

It was so much fun pairing it all up with the new Destiny shoes, and then I realised that it was latex and slink combined, and well that just means one thing STRIPPER POLE!

Destiny will be released tomorrow I believe, so make sure you go do all the things you need to do before trying them, like applying to law school or maybe waxing?

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Poses by :


aDORKable ( Pole Prop and Poses)

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Maia Glam Rocker, Jungle, Eyeliner2, Gwen – Ploom


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Riot Girl , Valerie, Rae – Exile


The Rusher, Seek and Destroy set  – Goth1c0

Netnight Gloves – Insanya

Pastie from set Undress Cocktail  – RunoRuno

G325Paradox – Graves


Beltboots, Goth Ribbon Boots – J’s

Destiny – Slink


Nails – Mandala

Sing me your Sorrows Necklace – Goth1c0