Marinara Shortie



Feeling the newness love today. Of course the skin was finally released today, and Flutter by LeLutka is definitely a charmer. It took Whimsy all of 3 seconds to decide it was replacing Gem for her as a default skin for herself. I went with the paler of the NEW tones today, I was kind of feeling a little moody, so it suited my wanting to stomp around mood.

One of my favourite went from one thing to another in SL success stories has to be MichaMi. Milla was one of the most – and still is – incredible bloggers from the very start, she had a way about her that made it sunny all the time. I know I have mentioned it in the past, but one of my fondest fashion show in SL memories was being stuck in the audience with her and Whimsy and some others, during another of those ‘everything that can go wrong will ‘ days SL has every so often.

Whimsy passed around cocktails, we all crashed at least four times each and it was back in the days you ended up under water upside down in the sitting position bugs. All the while Milla was cracking me up trying to steal my inventory, and to this day I still have no clue other than DD being in the show, what was released, if we even ended up seeing newness or what, all I remember is the giggling and fun we had. So then Milla took a break from Second Life and came back a Designer, oooo’s and aaaaaa’s all over the place and she really is a most incredibly talented one. Not only is her style uniquely her own, I swear I could spot a MichaMi item even if I didn’t know it, and had never seen it…there is something about her technique that is hers. The one major stand out is her fabrics, and seam work, where she actually seems to join her fabric together, and the back seamwork on this new dress is va va OMG look at my hot bum. But I am not showing you, you have to buy it and see for yourself lol.

As I said a bit of a mood today, so I added MOOD Jewelry lol the Parade Pearls are still a great big hit with me, I especially love the ring, which I did copy paste and then reattach to the other hand. The great thing about copyable items, and now the multiple attachments is that you can do such things, such as nails and rings together from different stores. I am also wearing the really cool open boots by G*field that they created for Shoe Fair, and somehow I haven’t shown since. They actually come in two parts, so it is possible to even wear the uppers with the other colours, mixing and matching, or possibly even wear them with other shoes if you feel like it.

Really adoring this full length Ploom hair, it is very sexy and I had to show the latest as well which is the Jinx, derived from a style that was last weeks project themeory style, it proved so popular that a regular non jungle themed version was called for. The double pigtails are fluffy and fun, and suited the look created with the NEW about to be released Vintage Denim Shorts by Royal Blue. Marni actually has a few items about to be released tonight, as well as a group gift in the works, so be sure to hit up her subscriber.

These Vintage Denim shorts are so adorable, I especially love the pulled down pockets, they more remind me of really well tailored pants cut off, but either way, denim or fabric, they are neat to wear. Whether with thigh high socks like these ones, or full leggings, its a great look for all weather wear.

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Poses by :

Frozen Panty

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Flutter – LeLutka


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Jasper , Jinx – Ploom


Marinara Dress– MichaMi

Vintage Denim Shorts – Royal Blue

Tartan Bustier – Whippet & Buck

Thigh High Socks – The Strand


Open boots, Bow strap Shoes Kate – G*Field


Nails Medium Pallette One, Kagetora Necklace – Mandala

Parade Pearls + Ring – MOOD