Roasted Carrot


I swear every year I do this big rant about how ‘this year’ I will post on my own climate. It is so hard to watch yourself swanning around in barely anything, when it is so cold and wet outside. But alas every year that never happens, and swanning I do.

A few weeks ago I was over at Epic, that store has certainly grown in the last year or so since it joined What’s New SL. I have been watching all the clothing releases of late too, and they are looking really fun. But it was the release of the Faun Tech Boots that really swayed my attention. These are just all sorts of fun to wear, but it is little cool things, that I didn’t even notice until after Mel pointed them out, or I had been wearing them for longer than 5 seconds.

First off they have tiny little TV’s on the fronts and backs playing old cartoons, so cute. Then there is the hud that allows you to change the accent colours, which is great for like neon pink or blues and so on, I stuck with white today. Lastly is the cool little particle source that emits from them, that is like steam or smoke or something very cool indeed.

On an almost recent trip with Newdoll and Whimsy, we went to WWI and I found out through Newdoll, that they had subranded to ?Why it should be Why Not? but oh well. The items I bought were the wrong colours for the look, but thanks to Marketplace I bought the same items as I did then in whites last night, while still able to stay on the VR Studio and watch Whimsy build the most awesome thing – secret for now.

The shorty shorts and tighter than tight shirt are just nice items to have, sexy and cute, but definitely will get extra wear out of them. The Shirt is of course going to get a lot more milage, as it is really well constructed but also just a great shirt style to have.

I am actually using one of the NEW Poses from aDORKable Poses, this set is the SidePony set, and even though my hair isn’t in a ponytail, the pose worked really well at keeping my hair where it needed to be. Also because of their greatness, I had a mirror pose to work with for all as well if needed – love that feature.

Also a huge MUST HAVE this weekend is the Mandala Nails, new nails, new styles with 60 or 70 – depending which hud you choose, I got both -  incredible nail polishes/art to choose from with the HUD, OMG a Mandala HUD we have all been waiting for this piece of YUM.


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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:



Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Ariel – Exile


Mini Shorts White Striped, Thighhighs Sheer White
Stretched Sheer Shirt White – ?Why

Calypso Bra White – Eclectic Apparel


Lost Analog TV Signal Tech Boots – Epic


NAIL/female[MANDALA]medium – Mandala