On the look out for Yax



I can barely see my screen these days, I have the worst desktop in all of the world. I clean it to near empty and within days it is full again, I have to refresh how icons are shown just to find things I have just uploaded. But now there is a new toy to play with, so I don’t see myself doing anything about my desktop in a hurry. Linden Labs has just launched their own Networking features.

If you like wall talking like facebook and, have a twitter or plurk fixation, this might be right up your next alley. Go to and log in, and you will see a wall of text, so many familiar names as it is straight from your Friends List. That is why I like it so much, because they are people that over the years I have actually had some interaction in world with. Not opposed to meeting new people, but the idea of adding friends because you got points of Karma for it – kind of made me think that it was probably bad karma – nice way to communicate with others all at once, and you can make it visible to all second lifers, or just friends, or even the world. The choices are yours, however in settings notifications for now I suggest unchecking all but notifications by email on your own posts, because so far in only a few hours I have filled two pages of gmail, and capping may be an issue with in world notifications once logged off.

Anyways in search of wild beasts of the Amazon, ok wait a minute, I watched the Pilot for Wonder Woman and while it was okaaaaaay, what struck me as insane was that there was a 5 minute fight scene with her and 20 guys and all through it you saw every single rope and pulley of them being pulled backwards if hit, or her jumping high or across a room, as well as even a door being pulled down a corridor as it was kicked in. WHAT THE? I have watched so much TV in my life and never ever seen such bad effects, maybe one rope by accident and so on, but every single shot for the full time, it was awful. I found out since though that it was dropped by the company doing it, and I am really sad face, because Wonder Woman was an incredible show for me as a kid, and had such potential for a series now.

Ok again back to my post, the YaxKin shoes I am wearing to many die hard Maitreya fans will look familiar. Yes that is because they are in fact the flat version of the ever so popular Ixkin heels released last year. The style is a combination of boho and gladiator style sandals, and the ones I am showing are the duo sets. These are really easy to wear, and will look great no matter what you wear them with. I have been prancing around in them all week, and especially liked them with this old Surf co skirt and new Maitreya shirt. The Yaxkin shoes will be out tomorrow onwards, and look for another very sexy shoe also being released at the same time.

The hair I am wearing is Lohan from LeLutka, and the poses used are made for long hair by Long Awkward Pose. It is really good to have poses on hand for specific needs, especially with all the photography in world that is done for advertising of products, nothing is more distracting from a vendor ad, than when the model has hair coming out her chest trying to sell you a pair of jeans.


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Poses by :

Long Awkward Pose

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Natasha – LeLutka


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Lohan – LeLutka


Tucked In Blouse – Maitreya

Scrubbed Mini – Surf Co (old)


YaxKin – Maitreya Gold (coming soon)


Coin Belt – Maitreya

Medium Nails – Mandala