It’s in the way that you shade it



Wow it is over for another year. Hair Fair is such a big part of the committee’s lives for the months leading up to, that after it is all over and the booths are all packed away – thank you so much Mel and Whimsy – there is this kind of ‘ So um what now ? ” feeling.

Well to make sure that I didn’t fall back into the same old same old, I got right back on my VR Studio and took some pics of these great new releases. First off for the past few days I have been strutting around Second Life in these jeans admiring my own bottom. The Zaara classic jeans are just scrumptious for that, the shading the colours, it all works combined to bring some very delish looking pixels. Not usually a fan of lighter jeans, but these ones work…also you can buy the darks packs, so I combined two from each, so you could get a little tastey. They come on both undies and pants layers and have 3 different cuffs options, so very cool to have so many choices.

The Top I am wearing is part of the Elymode Vita collection, a set she created a few months ago, that she has turned into even more versatile pieces. I especially love the cinch’s that allow you to elongate the look of your frame, as well as can make some of your older pieces – whether Elymode or not – really fun new looks. I have done that with the cinch on the left with an older tank from Miel, and on the right with the bra top from Eclectic Apparel. The two E stores are a good match up actually, they both have an incredible fascination with pastel and purple.

The Vita mini skirts are a lot of fun too, and if you are lucky and are in the store when your letter hits the chair, well the Vita set was also done in a white with black trim combo, the summery looks you will be able to do with those are going to be HOT HOT HOT.

Speaking of summery looks, the Shaz platform thongs by SLink are so cute, not only because they are platforms and thongs, but because they has frogs or flowers as an option on the thong part of the shoe. You can turn that off as well, so you have lots of fun with them, also there is the coloured sole of the shoe, or a more natural woven look. To compliment these thongs, MOOD has created jewelry add ons. Now first off by Add Ons I mean just that, you must use the ADD option when wearing, so be sure you are using a multiple attachment viewer.

The Olivia Fancy Feet Add Ons, have a HUD that allows for changes to the colour of stones, accents and whether you want the toe rings on or off. They are really lovely to wear, but you must be wearing some kind of feet in shoe style thingy for them to work. You can actually buy either or both at either or both locations, lol.

Wasabi Pills has been busy, already releasing new hair since Hair Fair, two of the styles are male in origin but I decided that I wanted them for me too. The Thor is especially fun, and have you seen that movie yet OMG has he grown up into a sort. Holy smokes what a yum, and an aussie too, one that knows a thong is for your foot darnit.





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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Maia – Ploom


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


PomPon Hair , Roy Hair , Thor Hair – Wasabi Pills


Almost Open Top, Vita CInch , Vita Mini Skirt, angle waist skirt – Elymode

Classic Jeans – Zaara

Tulip Tank – Miel


Shaz Platform Thongs – SLink


Olivia Fancy Feet add ons – MOOD

Studio Decoy set – GLOW

Studded Collar No3 – ReDMint