Hair Fair 2011 – Bandana Day

Bandana Day 2011

Bandana Day One

Bandana Day 2

My first experience with Hair Fair was Bandana Day. In 2007 Six Kennedy asked me to be the one that organised it, when I went to her suggesting it as an idea. I never i8magined what it would do, how people would embrace it, and yet every year people come forward from all over SL wanting to create one, or letting us know that they have sent their whole group over, held events wearing them and so on.

This years mix of bandanas is as awesome as years previous, there are RP themed ones, beach themed ones, fun retro ones, and very glamorous ones. Today is the day that we remove our hair to show we care. A day without hair to show some support to those that have lost, or are losing their hair to illness, not a lot to ask for, and it is just your avatar that does it. Mind you some have actually cut hair in past years and sent to charity to help in that way also.

Many over the years collect the bandanas and wear them to other laggy events, I see them often through the year, and cannot help but be proud that it is Hair Fair that provided that oppurtunity. Also the are transferable, so you can buy many and share with friends, or pass to others when it is laggy. Whatever you do, or are doing, or have done, this year so far the bandanas have raised over a Hundred Thousand Lindens and as they sell for only 50L each, that is awesome.

So whether you wear them today, or in the future, just be sure to buy some, because they are only available at the Fair, and if you haven’t looked yet, you may find out that someone you know made one…don’t want to miss out on that.

Also not wanting to miss out on is the Second Hair Fair Flickr Contest. It ends tomorrow but the access to the fair ends tonight at Midnight, which is only 14 hours to go. The contest prizes are amazing, and if you already have the pro we can add the time on, so don’t not enter because of that – some have asked.

Whose Hair Will you Wear the rules are on the right hand side of the page.