I see Rainbows




There was this big pile of poop last year around blogging, and bloggers. Some such nonsense about us pooping rainbows or some such rubbish. For a start I poop the same as everyone else, as I am sure do all bloggers. So when I went to the new store which has opened in Second Life by a creator from IMVU, and saw all the rainbows, I giggled the whole time I was there…you see I may not poop rainbows, but I do tend to see the rainbows, and love looking for them too. In Second Life we are surely blessed by these amazing miracles each and every day a person takes the time to express their creativity in either fashion or the arts. Now thanks to this great and fun store, I can show how I choose to SEE only the beauty.

The store is called Blue Slush, a funna name from the start, and such a lovely lady is the designer as I have had a chance a few times to speak to her over the last few days. First off I fell instantly in love with the ruffle panties. Some of you that have been reading me over the years know about my ruffle panties dancing posts, and alas CKS is long since packed up, so no more ruffle panties, or so I thought. Now these ones have not only gorgeous ruffles at the back, but also at the front…I spent all night last night running around the grid in these.

On a whim at the very end of our explorations I wanted to stop by G*field and squeeled that they also have these incredible ruffle top socks, in three lengths, so it was fat pack all over the place. There were socks like this in only black or white at the sock shop in RL back in the early 90’s I used to want them so badly, but they were pricey and I knew that with my stocking luck they would end up with a cigarette burn in them first night out, so I never got them. Now I has them in 16 colours, and because the ruffles are so versatile, they look great in contrast as shown, and may even look great over other socks you already have.

The hair I am wearing is also a new release, from Sadistic Hacker, this style is shown as a mens hair, but pfft they are not going to be the only ones that get the four incredible styles just released, with hair bases included. They are so awesome and the black texture at SH is just wonderful. The other hair I am wearing is Nakita from Milana, the style is really pretty and wavey, some amazing styles are coming out of Milana, a great collab store, but you can still so see what is Asuaka’s she has such a ‘her style’ way of creating hair that is awesome.

Very 70’s early 80’s are the great print tshirts and this one of a Unicorn throwing up a rainbow yet again made me LOL at Blue Slush, there is definitely Unicorn love going on in that store as you will see when you get there yourself. The eyes of course were an easy decision, made even more so when the green were also called Irish.

Finishing all of this off with the great newish skin by Adam n Eve called Tanisha. Tanisha comes in darker tones only, this being the lightest. So many goodies come with also, lipsticks, brows, mani pedi, eyeshadows all on tattoo bases, as well as socks and gloves for extra mani pedi’s if needed. DEMO DEMO DEMO and tell all your friends that are always upset there aren’t enough dark tones around to get on over there and try them too.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : C’est La Vie

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Tanisha Latte – Adam n Eve


Rainbow Irish – Blue Slush


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:


Gen Hair w/ Base – Sadistic Hacker


Gilda Top – Sn@tch

Ruffle Panties – Blue Slush

Ruffle Socks – G*Field


Platform Pumps – J’s



2nd Me:


Nakita – Milana


Mini Skirt Denim, Unicorn Glitter Tshirt – Blue Slush

Ruffle Socks – G*Field


Platform Pumps – J’s


Rainbow Set – Essentia