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A shocking disaster happened the other day in New Zealand, last I heard over 65 fatalities and the images were horrific as this happened at noon in Christchurch one of the largest cities in New Zealand. Shelly Toonie has organised an event to help with this disaster, by organising space at Jori Watlers sim, to be involved you need to contact Shelly Toonie, you can set out an item for 100% proceeds and it does not have to be new or exclusive, but we are hoping that many will attend and everything will be new to someone.

Also Puarangi Jewelers which is owned by Hibiscus Flossberg a New Zealander who is an ex Christchurch resident, is donating ALL money made in her store up until the 31st of March to this cause, so please check her out also.

A new skin at the fair by Gala of Curio is Pout, and also another skin pack is Yum 2, I am showing pout today though, and it is definitely pouty. What I love about not only the face is the names of the make ups, Pout, Tantrum, Whine and so on, so fun, and so true to their names.

Clawtooth by Clawtooth has released some delightful blowing in the breeze style hair, and it’s subtle enough to be perfect for overcast days like the background I shot for Second Life Stock Images a few weeks back. I actually used blur on most of it in PS, so the sky stood out more.

I am wearing a set from Sn@tch and I actually had these pants in RL in two colours and you wont believe me I am sure if I told you one of them was purple, I didn’t always have an issue with that colour. The pants were so popular down here and woven in such a way that they would stretch and lose shape so easily that to get them back you had to wash and twist tight and air dry, and boom back to new again. I loved them, wore them to death, but mine had a much looser leg bottom…anywho as soon as I saw them at Sn@tch I had to have.

I really like the cropped jumper too, yes we call sweaters jumpers down here, It is the perfect style to show off your divine skins body, or layer over the top of a dress or other top for a completely different look. More showing off of the body with the new Ooh La La lingerie, these sets are set out in the party area at Lula and are just gorgeous, there is also a gift pantie and bra set if you aren’t too late, so run over and look for the dance area and little market stands.

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Picture :

Hair: Blown Away, A little lift, Cheated hearts, Good Evening, Listen Up – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin: Pout – Gala @ Curio

Clothes: Sparkle Cropped Sweater, Knit Lounge Pants – Sn@tch

Lulu Basque – Ooh La La

Shoes/Boots: Callia’s Soft Leather Simple Flats – Tee*fy


2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Ellis – LeLutka

Poses by : Behaviour Body

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck