The Body Co.

Body Co 6






Landing at the TP point for The Body Co. you could be mistaken for having some kind of an ethereal experience. The landing point is awash with a semi glowing white, that seems to envelope you, it is really quite something to see.

The build is only a portion of what looks like something more to come, if you take notice of the sign behind you as you land. But it is definitely ahead of you that should be capturing your whole attention. The Body Co. is the next installment of business ventures by Emma Gilmour. Sage is the first skin line in The Body Co. collection, but definitely not Emma’s first skin, as she has made at least 4 others over the years, funnily enough they all have similar brows.

The older by Emma skins are hand drawn, so a lot stronger on the face in some cases, but the Sage skins have a more photorealistic look to them. The body is gorgeous Emma has gone back and forth on tweaking it to its final result, and the face has a definite natural look, and is so the surfer girl turned model that Emma is so talented at achieving.

The skin is sold as a base, and then you have the options to buy make up packs, so if you don’t have a tatoo layers viewer be very aware of your limitations here and DEMO DEMO DEMO. There are brows for all people, light, medium, red and dark as well as cleavage options that will make you blush, or torment your partner like I did as it took ages to rez for him mwahahahahaha.

Also if not a fan of complete make ups, you can also get lipglazes and eyeshadows seperate, and while there you can check out the handmade soaps that are actual recreations of a soap line that Emma makes in RL with her sister in law, yes the girl even has time for that too. You can buy the soaps in RL I know many did over Christmas and it would make great Valentines gifts HINT HINT to all the partners in need of gift ideas.

Anywho the store will be open around 1pm slt today and you will love the intimacy of the space, it’s like shopping at the Body Shop in RL.

Skin – Sage – The Body Co.

Hair – Here – Elikatira

Lingerie – Baiastice