No Regrets


The other night, probably for the 100th if not more time, I had a flashback to a regret. The regret was not buying something in Second Life, that ended up being a limited edition item. For the nearly four years since as it was a 2007 item, I have remembered it fondly and jealously…wishing that I hadn’t hesitated, thinking that it would be around another time, I also wish I had read the bloody sign that obviously must have said ‘Jewelry Fair item only ” or something like that.

So rather than scream from a tall building I took the regret to plurk, asking others if they also had purchase regrets of things they ‘didn’t’ buy, thinking like I did that it would be around long enough to get it ‘later’. I plurked the regret, even finding an old blog post pic from Fashion Victim Blog and it was even more beautiful to me in pic form, but I had never actually forgotten it, or even for that matter made it shinier and prettyer in my memories, it was exactly as it was.

On reading back through peoples responses I found that Chav Paderborn had responded with regretting to not buy a Canimal skirt, one which I knew of immediately, it used to actually be set up to buy right at the begining of her store, so you saw it every visit, and I had blogged it a long time ago. I rushed to my inventory and there it was, and even better it was transfer, so I sent it sailing in the direction of Chav with best wishes, to be able to fix that regret made me so happy.

Today I stopped in my tracks as a drop down appeared and my heart beat faster, and instant tears welled in my eyes, it was the Paper Couture set but not only was it the one that I had always wanted, but it was being given to me by an Angel, the beautiful and so generous always Milla Michinaga.

She is not only an exceptional blogger, designer and all round beauty, but she has always been so amazing to me. One of my fondest memories regarding her, is at a fashion show held about a billion years ago, and her and I were both there with many other bloggers and customers, it was so laggy while we waited that every so often one of us would crash come back resit and end up upside down in the corner of the sim – remember that delightful bug . While there Milla was being very cheeky and she tried to steal my inventory – yes I remember – and today she added to it in the most giving of ways, the set is beautiful, not only that, but it is something she cannot replace, something that didn’t loose it’s lustre and something I will always remember….thank you Milla you made me cry with such joy today.

So I was thinking, what do you regret not buying, because I would love to hear about it …..

Now for things I have that rock, these Magnifico boots I have had for ages, and blogged eons ago, but was looking at them the other day and thought, damn they are so incredibly textured and made, they need to sashay around my blog all over again.

Mixing them up with some great items from Nyte n Day, Decked is series that has the skirts and pants, tanks and long sleeved tops, I decided to incorporate those with the torn jeans and very very cute flexi skirt…adding to the overall looks the incredible new bodysuits from Royal Blue, these are done in a series of solid colours in varying shades of block colours, they are just wonderful for adding to any look, either under a top or over, or just worn on their own with skirts or pants.

Wearing the last and most recent releases of hair from Elikatira, the new Here style of a tight low back bun is going to be a favourite of many, I had a particular squeeling moment with Marni yesterday when it came out, it is such an awesome professional looking style, that works so well for those in business in SL. Frost is the style that was recently in a hunt, and of course everyone wanted it in all colours, so yay for that. Make  sure you grab them all, no regrets ;).

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Picture :

Hair: Here , Frost , Later , Me – Elikatira

Skin: Natasha – LeLutka

Clothes: Decked Shirt, Decked Skirt, Decked Pinstripe Pants, Decked Tank, Puiqe Sweater , Low rise ripped jeans , Puiqe Skirt – Nyte n Day

House Lounge Bodysuit – Royal Blue

Shoes/Boots: Envy Boots – Magnifico 


Antique Pearl Choker & Earrings – Paper Couture ( not available) Gift from Milla Michinaga

Lucid Belt –

Studded & Gems Leather Bag , Bow on hand bag – Baiastice

2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : LeLutka

Poses by : Persona

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck