Apple Bottom



Whimsy says I forgot my skirt, I on the other hand know it is there and she is just being an old lady – lol she does of course know I type these things about her at the time of typing, as we are in voice. Red Mint was a surprise to me, a great one in fact, being a Red Queen fan already as many of you know, to suddenly find out there was a new sister type brand, that is lighter and brighter in build but still connected to the fabulous compound that is rQ.

The skins I am wearing are their latest release, and wowza, these are amazing, not just for the incredible bursts of colour, but even the tan versions with the face paint look are sexy as hell. I was having a great time not only dressing for them, but tinting my hair and squeeling in delight that the new GOS boots have a great teal that worked so well with the Acqua version of the skins. If you want to try the skins before you buy, not only are there demos, but you can also join their group and grab the group gift in their store, hopefully still there.

Now about these boots. First off you not only get solid colour options, but suede and leather, or exciting as it is, a combination of both. You can change the buttons or zipper from metals to fabric colours, and the sole and heel also have colour change and style change options, giving you either a chunky heel, wedge or stiletto. These boots can have you entertained for hours and hours with all the possibilites.

All of the super sexy clothing – ok not ALL but I love the bolero from LeLutka so much I had to wear it again lol -  I am wearing with this post is from Cynful, a combo of new and older, with the wonderful new leather skirt and tank, the skirt comes as a really low slung or a hipster version and is actually the work of Beertschi Lytton, newish designer for the Cynful brand, and now I finally know why one of the dresses of the past was a combo name with Beer, which was so odd to me at the time lol. The skirts show off how incredible the skins bum shading is, honestly I now understand apple bottom.

Stunning hair by Exile as usual, and so much fun colour wise, it was easy to tint the blue hair so I had that red blue combo thing going on, and I got to show better that there is in fact a braid running down the front, that is not so visible from afar in the same colour.I need more exile hair, I am thinking something dead straight next thanks :P.

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Picture :

Hair: Chelsea (tinted) , Vivienne – Exile

Skin: Acqua Skin War 1 , 3 , Dead War 2 , Sun War 4 (with random manicure sculpted nails ) – Red Mint

Clothes: Leather Skirt, Leather top , Body Tank , Twodevider , Sky’s Hoodie  – Cynful

Irinushka Bolero – LeLutka

Shoes/Boots: Curvaceous Boots – Gos 


2011 Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Lelutka Ellis

Poses by : Body Language SLC

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck