Viewer 2.5 remember it is Beta

ok no pics, just a quick help post.

LL Viewer 2.5 BETA has the new profile in webpage built in, some of you might be trying for profiles and finding yourself with a handshake problem.

Which results in no in world profile, and only the website. This caused my earlier mentioned problem of not being able to go directly to residents via edit or properties…it also gave me the problem of no mod rights abilities.


1. open Internet Explorer ( it has to be IE cannot be other webbrowsers)

2. Go to and log in your avatar

3. then go back to your viewer , you don’t need to log out

4. Now open a profile and you will see it loads like a webpage but inside your viewer.

5. Click the Actions button and choose set privacy and you have the mod rights options

6. Actions will also give you the chance to IM etc so YAY we are saved.