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Over the years I have heard EVERY single excuse for not making Glitch layers there is….inserts fingers in ears lalalalalalalalala.No seriously, there has been situations where if it was possible to throw down and do that thing like the sims where you end up a ball of dust as you wreste it out, that would have happened too.

Customers don’t care if you think they are pretty or not, make them as pretty as you can, but please provide them.

This was going to be a hard post to write with examples, because I do not want to point out flaws on items that either aren’t real, or have no real baring on the post…so to show you what I meant, I would either have to suddenly know how to make clothing hee hee, or use items that no longer are available.

It was an easy choice who to go with on the not available, as not only are they still so pretty and have the perfect examples almost of what I need, but they also have truly wonderful glitch pants lol.

IMPORTANT : I need you to imagine in most cases though that the flexi may be sculptie, these clothes are older than sculpts as they are original Dazzle items. But my main issue with no glitch is when sculpted at least part of the time, your prims are not visible at all, so please bare that in mind.

This first pic, is a classic empire dress, not exactly floorlength, but has that longer than a babydoll and narrower fit. Which means unless you are related to a rake, and/or have an actual empire AO (I do actually but shhhh ) then your going to stick out, with the AO’s moving how they do these days, you are probably going to stick out a lot. * Thanks Canimal for the gorgeous group gift when your store opened, I have loved them forever * Now the cute panties sticking out might be fun for some, but not usually. It looks awful to be seen in such a way, and if you don’t actually wear panties, then um yeah, bad.

You will see in the second version of the same pretty dress, that the glitch not only match in colour and fabric, but that they are scalloped at the ends to match the scalloped edge of the prims. While it still is not overly attractive to poke out of your prims, it is a nice treat to see such attention to detail as this.

Pic three, those that read my blog regularly know I have a big love for System skirts. I love them, I really truly do, and I do not change shape for them. The first Management job I had in SL for over a year was a store thats main style was system skirt based, and the styles were amazing. I remember hearing about glitch pants back then in 06 and letting my boss know, and they just got even better, as until then not many stores did them at all for system.

There is something magical about how they work with the skirts, somehow they work like a magnet to eachother, and when the skirt is stretched with the glitch on it just keeps going, but without the fabric breaks. Another argument has been about this type of style, not seeing the point if one side is visible in a split like this one, well it will still stop the breaking, and again it shows the customer you give a rats. This is another perfect example of how you can do them. This type of glitch also gets used on flexi half gowns, with a bit more detailing.

The last picture is the one that I want you to imagine as a sculptie the most. You move one way, the prims move another, hips push through, legs go through or bum pokes out, a lot of the time clothing creators don’t take their creations out for a walk before they pack them up to sell, maybe they should.

Worse though is arriving somewhere and while you are rezzing for people all they see are your cute undies…IF you are wearing any. At least with Glitch there is a barrier there, and also an indication that you didn’t leave the house half dressed, and no one has to eject you from the sim for being a rudie nudie.

Just because you never have that problem with sculpts doesn’t mean half the world doesn’t. WIth my old pc sculpts never rezzed, for hours I could be with someone chatting away as they had balls on their ankles or head. But lately I have noticed for me anyway, the balls aren’t as common anymore, its shards, and the shards cover nothing.

Lastly and this one I do not have a picture of because Dazzle is too old, and again I am not out to point fingers. One of the other Glitch needs is for Jackets especially, or tops that are sculpted. Often you find that there is either no glitch or only a partial glitch layer, sometimes only at the shoulders and arms, or maybe just over the breasts. Back to the AO issues, if the glitch doesn’t end where the prim does, it’s not doing anyone any good – same with skirts and dresses, rule of thumb is they end where the prims do – but with jackets if the prims go one way and you go another, then all you have poking through is either what your wearing under the coat, or bare skin.

These are your designs, your craft, don’t fall short with the glitch, believe it or not, the glitch to me and many other fashionistas is as important an addition to second life fashion as flexi was.

Mesh might fix this issue, I don’t know, but until then, put your best glitch forward……………………..

Hair -Module -  LeLutka

Skin – Natasha – LeLutka

Clothing – Dazzle (no longer available)

Panties by Canimal (no longer available group gift )

Poses – Poseur/Body Language