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What is the reason for the name of the post you ask, well it was kind of a discussion about the shapes that some designers choose to use as their own. Then building their items on their shapes, and if the items are no mod, then resizing scripts make the item bigger all over, when sometimes it is only a small stretch in one direction that is needed, thus ruining the aesthetic of the whole outfit. Many designers do take that into account by providing more than one size, but in reality it would be nice if the designers considered more the shapes of the people, and had a builders shape so to speak, much like hair makers have always kind of adhered to the one size concept, and shoe makers as well. But then again, we would prefer mod, not scripted in the first place.

It is kind of funny, because with the teen grid merger only a month away, the sizes of residents are going to apparently drastically change. I remember talking to Asuka Martin, the owner of Dernier Cri about that once a long time ago, and she said that one of the first things she noticed was the insane heights of us over here on the adult grid. I for one am tall RL, so have argued to keep my height as it is, because I am not amazon in stature. But I have definitely noticed that many are shrinking down over the past 12 months, which kind of makes me wonder where that will leave the tinies and kids…do they even have kids and tinies in the teen grid? It is going to be an amazing transformation grid wise, and I for one cannot wait…I only have one wish and it might seem silly to most, but I kind of wish that kids couldn’t talk in IM. I wish that was a safety measure that LL would put in place, I know that keeping them to PG and all that are good steps, but they are pretty much only saving them from visual adult content. Anyway, this post wasn’t supposed to go off on some rant from sizes to mergers, I think it was the redbull.

I love that with the help of layering, and of course all the fabulous extra layer options we have now, that you can still make fabulous use of dresses that may have been designed with warmer climates in mind, but add some wool tights and an incredible faux fur coat, and you are in winter wonderland. I am feeling so much love for cowboy boots lately, and tonights episode of Hellcats didn’t help. The fringing on the ones from J’s is a nice soft touch. The jacket is from Aoharu, and you can wear it long or short, I opted for short so you could see more of the great Hush dress from SySy’s.

Yes as corny as I am, even I didn’t realise until after the pics were done, that my skin is from YS&YS, and my dress is from SySy’s. The skin is Sierra and as usual, all the great options and incredible make ups, they really have come back with a bang, and hopefully a much needed break.

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Picture :

Hair: I want to be well – Tiny Bird

Skin: Sierra – YS & YS

Clothes: Hush Dress – SySy’s

Fur Coat – Aoharu

Leggings – The Secret Store

Shoes/Boots: Fringe Western Boots – J’s


Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Marukin

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck