Black Friday Skin Addiction


Wow I am busy today.

Ok so there is a skin group called Skin Addiction, owned by the Skin addict herself Voshie Paine. Today and for the weekend there is a skin SALE, with Skin creators from the group offering a skin or skins for a reduced price to their Skin Group addicts. This is how it will work.

1. You MUST join the Skin Addiction group – there are join posters at the stores

2. You MUST activate the group, making sure that the title above your head says Skin Addict

3. You then buy the skin at full price and within moments the discount will be refunded to you. The reductions vary store to store, but so far I  have heard 50% off the skin at Idiosyncrasy, and 75% off the one at Style by Kira, 50% off Fashionably Dead and so on, as you can see from the list there are a great range of skinners involved.

So free up some group space and have a blast, and it might be a great time to fix up some of those alts that you may have made with the new name changes.