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Wetlands is my …..


I was feeling all ready to take a hundred pics today, and then I got all turned around and upside downed and gave up after one lol. It started out with the middle outfit, and then I just liked the idea of black n’ white with a touch of pink. Usually this combo would steer towards red as the colour splash, but I went a little louder.

Black and white makes such an great backdrop, and with the stunning creations all over SL it isn’t hard to find pieces you love. With the middle dress though, this is more of an oldy, that was also a great bargain, it actually came with red pearls. I am not a huge fan of how the finish is done around the neck, but the overall look is there. If you have a more tailored look in similar print, you can play around with that too.

I dragged Whimsy over to INDI yesterday, and she proceeded to be driven around in her new ‘float’ that was a group gift from Thistle…all laughing aside we shopped in the new hair salon, and the styles I picked up are gorgeous. Not just the style and primwork, but the textures have such great depth and highlights to them, they are beautiful to wear, and very cost friendly on both packs and fatpacks. The Modeno style looks great with the smokey deep eye make up of the LOLA skin by LeLutka. Even though I can choose from a number of lipsticks with this new fabulous skin, I chose to go nude lips, because there is enough slash pink in the clothing and accessories.

The bubble skirt dresses from Maitreya are an 80’s lovers dream, balloon skirts were all the rage mid 80’s and if I combined the top of the left skirt, with the balloon of the right, and added black and white stripes I would have my favourite. Now that I look at the pic composite I think that’s what I was channeling lol.

Thank goodness again for layers and mod, modding done to my sunglasses and belt in the middle, adding a slight tint to the already colours, to get them to be more like the pink of my leggings. The fabulous corset by Sn@tch is so well structured and available on all layers, so with the skirt taking up the jacket layer, I was still able to wear it…cries big sobs when people only put things on jacket layer, it totally makes them unwearable most times.

Ok that is me out for now, off to work out some Hair Fair business and run around Stormwind with Whimsy, it is her equivalent of old Gurl 6, I would explain but you wouldn’t believe me. Don’t forget to Join the Subscribo Matic at The Deck Landing point so you can keep up to date on Hair Fair info .

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Picture 1:


Modeno – INDI


LOLA – LeLutka


Chidori Dress – Salire

Simple Leggings – Aoharu

BubbleSkirt Dress (mixed) – Maitreya

Mini High Waisted Skirt Pinstripe – Luck Inc

Laced Corset Zebra – SN@tch


Square Toe Ankle Boots – J’s

ChiChi Shoes – Maitreya

Prestige Boots – BAX Coen


Oversized Glasses – Epoque (Tinted)

Wide Waist.Belt – (Tinted)

Cala Saona Bag – YS & YS

RecluseCollar-Bare-Black – Plastik

Pretty Hands Attitude – Page 3

Dreamcatcher Bag –


Thaw – Fusemelon


LAP – Long Awkward Pose

Lashes :

Volumen – LeLutka


VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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