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Biker Straps


Wow this week has been flying by…getting everything sorted for The Deck’s first birthday, I have already seen some of the beautiful items being given over the weekend, and I am floored by the generosity of the creators. I even found the cutest balloon fountains to decorate with, but as they are particles I am keeping them mostly out of avatar range so that no one ends up in a grey squares attack…I remember being new and poofers were all the rage, and you would tp somewhere and suddenly be swarmed by them. It used to scare the hell out of me.

The new dresses by Luck Inc are so much fun to play with, I totally distracted myself the other day playing with combinations just with themselves. Due to the layering and options, I could have gone on to introduce other items and totally gotten lost. The style has a semi open buttoned look that is great for casual running around, add a belt etc, but then you have the pulled down and under effect that reveals, well lots really. By adding one of the other layers from a different colour you get in my opinion a great contrast look.

Even more exciting was not only do the colours come in a great range, but they were easily matchable to the knee high boots from LAQ. I really like not only the two tone look ( the gold boots have black leather inserts) but also the bikerish style with the leather straps and that biker chaps combination but in footwear…you know the ones…those leather pants that use another colour instead of a cutout.

I am wearing the unBra skin again, I did mention last post that now it has four cleavage options, and because of that I had to wear something that showed off my favourite which are one and two, this time due to the open nature of the dress I went with the more relaxed version in the one. It is fabulous to have that kind of option, to be able to look at an outfit and say ‘what is keeping them together?” if nothing then you just need to go with the more relaxed version if there is one, and if totally confined then enhancement is definitely the way to go.

I am at IOW right now watching a gathering of residents have a social chat, it is lovely when sims are still that way after so many years….have a great week all, and don’t forget to come visit me at The Deck over the weekend.

Picture 1:


Moon – Maitreya


Mayara- dark – UnBra


Open Buttoned Dress – Luck Inc


Knee High Boots – LAQ


Glamour Gloves Black, Wide Belt – Luck Inc


Thaw – Fusemelon


Body Language SLC

Lashes worn :

Volumen – LeLutka


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