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Hair, Hair,Hair. Now is the time you should be thinking about HAIR. Not only the new hair I have on today, but all hair, long, short and otherwise. September is coming around fast, and if you didn’t already know that is the scheduled time for this years Hair Fair 2010. I am not going to spill the beans on the theme, but it is a beauty.

The committee is the same incredibly dedicated team chaired by Washu Zebrastripe and Kia Goodliffe, with team Leaders Sasy Scarborough (Me), Teagan Blackthorne, Laynie Link and with Whimsy  Winx, Brandy Rasmuson and Autumn Hykova assisting.

If you have ever thought of making hair, or being in the Hair Fair because you do make hair, now is the time to start planning for one of the biggest events of the year. The reason I am unofficially spilling the beans ? well one of the main rules of Hair Fair is that you must already be an established business with hair at the time of application. As the application process is going to be coming sooner than later, I thought this would give you a chance to start establishing that part of your business in preparation, you don’t want to find out that rule when you don’t have time to do anything about it.

So “YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD”  lol, also it is an early holler at all those that wait until the last minute 😛 start creating now, if you release often anyway, start putting styles aside and keeping them hidden or even as back ups to release when you are too busy with your hair fair styles to do regular ones.

Today’s hair is a new release by Tiny Bird, as Autumn is on the committee with us I couldn’t help but do both at once. The latest releases this week are must haves, this one with its flickyness is just great. New too are the Zipped dresses by Urbanity, these come in charcoal or denim, with different coloured belt options to choose on purchase. The belt determining what colour you get.

Now you know I am not one for the nipple shading, it freaks me out, and as someone who deals with clients and customers in person at any time of day, I feel uncomfortable knowing I am on high beam. This sort of outfit though is not something that I would necessarily be wearing in that situation, so it slips by…but those of you who are obsessed with this feature on your clothing, please think of others not wanting to look like horny tarts that could at any moment start dry humping your leg when you do this.

If that doesn’t urge you to give the option of no nipple highlighting, how about we all sit and imagine penis shading for mens pants (insert interlude music here) to me it is the equivelant, and honestly if you could feel comfortable standing there talking to others with your boy parts outlined on your pants, then so be it, but I tend to not like looking turned on when talking to others.

I digress though, this is a great and very sexy little dress, and for clubbing and what not it is very cool, and if you take off the top layers (comes on all yay) then you have a perfect skirt with belt look you can wear other things with, so if you like the bottom it is worth getting even if unzipped zips aren’t your thing, for me nipple shading no unzipped yes 😛 I am not that much of a prude lol. Hell I am not even a prude, I just like options, GIMME GIMME OPTIONS ALL DAY LONGGGGGGGG *Sings*. I have so said all that before, but the penis shading is my new concept in getting the point across – is that a pun? I don’t know but it sure seems like one.

With these looks I am wearing the latest shoes from, the dream booties have a naughty side to them I just know it, they are bordering on kinky with the strapped and buckled belting to the heel. Wrapped around the shoe and back, to fasten at the side, nice working of the sculpties there peeps. The dream booties come with not only the regular shoe/invisi combo, but also the shoes without invisi with alpha layer for the 2.0 peoples.

Sing it with me … GIMME GIMME OPTIONS ALL DAY LONGGGGGGGG, laughs and then follows that up with a rendition of Berocca gives you bbbounce, I so did the Berocca/Redbull thing again, can you tell?

The Adriana V2 skin by Glance is sexy sexy sexy, the gloss on the lips is superb, I am amazed often by the skills of many skin makers and how they are able to really capture the look of true make up. The body on Adriana is scrumptious and you should definitely take all the demos for a spin, remember never buy skins without looking at the demos first, as closely as you can, because you never know when someone is going to have their camera so far up your face they see everything…and if that doesn’t matter to you, just make sure it caters to your lingerie needs at least. SHAVED FOR THE WIN!

I love my little wings, aren’t they steampunky cuteness, they actually flight assist and open up into full wing mode when you fly, I got these yonks ago with the most adorable teddy bear that follows you around, you should totally check out the Mochi Products store.

Click HERE to TP to the stores

shown. or HERE to return to

Picture 1:

Hair: Meadowlark – Tiny Bird

Skin: Andriana V2 – Glance Skins

Clothes: Denim Zipped , Zipped – Urbanity

Boyfriend Garter Socks – World Wide Industries

Sculpted Socks – Maitreya

Shoes/Boots: Dream Booties –

Accessories: Nails – Love Soul

Steampunk Wings – Mochi Products

Brat Beads – Woo’s

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: skin & bones @ Pose Fair

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

Click for Slurls Page

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