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That Coat

That Coat

So with all the buzz about the Oscars, I was planning a post based on looks you can do for them. Formal, Semi Formal, or just downright vintage casual. But then the post took on a mind of it’s own due to the coat I picked up last night while gallivanting around with Whimsy.

She looks so pretty in her Oscars look, but we ended up doing one of our sim hopping, this store leads to another, and as I said, it ended up all about the coat. I could go on for days with looks with this one. It is that perfect old suit coat that I love thing happening, and the possibilities with it are endless.

The coat is from Luster, the recently rebranded store, with items by Lo Jacobs. We had actually gone to Tableau because Nylon had released some newness – yes got some of that too – and I took off across the street and took Whimsy with me, she got all coated up too with a different style, but this one is the icing on the cake so to speak for mix and match brilliance.

We then ended up at Mischief Boy, a new to us Hair Store, so new in fact that I think they were still setting up. The hat hair screamed Benny & Joon to me, and if you are a movie buff you will know exactly what I mean…so I was off and running in that tangent. Then next door to that we found another store so new that their vendors weren’t set for sale yet, but there it was, like a beacon calling to me the Tie Shirt. Off we went to their main and bamm it was mine.

Seriously it is bloggers fate as I call it, as no real effort was made, the items were just everywhere I went, in perfect harmony. I got home and was thinking pants, I did kind of want to do a gaucho kind of look at first, but then I remembered that MichaMi was having a retirement sale on some of her items, so off I hopped and grabbed the black version of the fabulous Stella suit. The half off sale makes everything you don’t have a must…and when the suit was released I tried to behave and not go auto for the black, so yay a bargain – lol MichaMi is a bargain full price, I am just playin.

Running to the middle me, that dress underneath, kind of reminded me of a tux, with the coat over the top, so adding my big mod bow I was a mix and match equivelant…kind of clubby, kind of fun. Speaking of fun, OMG that hair, seriously it’s a treasure of a style…so pretty in fact that it is supposed to be worn with an attachment of butterflies, but I will save those for another day.

The hair I got at the Accessory Fair that is on at the moment. Whimsy and I went a few hours ago, and it was really lovely to spend that time moving in and out of the stores. One bit baffled me though, I looked at Map to realise there were actually two parts to the sim for the fair, but I couldn’t work out how to get to the second without flying over the buildings in the middle – I could have looked it up in search I guess, but I was worried I wouldn’t get back in.

Anyway it was a Jewelry store called SyDS! That I got the Hair in, and lucky for me, we spent so long outside waiting for the gorgeous rings we bought to rez, that the hair finally rezzed inside…no demos that I could see but YUM, what a gamble and the price is wonderful.

The other stunning item I got at the fair were from Ganked, I think we bought everything in there. This is the Pomp set, and it is just so elegant with all the shiny, but also costumey enough to wear in this way, which means it will get worn more often than your regular formal jewelry probably does.

My major excitement earlier in the week was over the hat on the left. Four hats to be exact, from Sascha’s Designs. As soon as I saw them announced I was off and running. The style of them, the textures used totally had me thinking I was going to end up broke by the time I left, but the prices of them will shock you if you are a hat lover, I wont spoil the surprise just get on over there.

Veil style pillbox hats like this one are always a must have, this one being a tad oversized than a traditional pillbox , but that is what makes it even more fabulous. Sascha says she has plans for more of these, and I cannot wait, it will totally sate my hat cravings I have on occasion that just leave me usually depressed. I may just have to save on wearing the others until one of those days, and then I can smile big and happy.

hope you do today, have a good one.

xox Sasy xox

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Picture 1:

Hair: hiroto Platinum – MB – Mischief Boy (  right )

Ecce homo/Enchant – SyDS! (middle)

Kia – Magika (left)

Skin: Ife – LeLutka

Clothes: Frida Coat – Luster(all)

Stella Pants ( from suit) – MichaMi (right)

Print Tie Shirt gustnado modo (right)

Helda Mini Dress – R.icielli (middle)

The Tease Lingerie, The Tease Underbust Corset – 5th & Oxford (left)

Urban Agenda Pencil Skirt ( from set) – Indyra Originals (left)

Shoes/Boots: Caged Heels – SLink (right)

Alisa Zebra – Kitties Lair (middle)

Long Boots Round – J’s (left)

Accessories: Pomp Set – Ganked @ Accessory Fair   (all)

Black Dop Hat – Sascha’s Designs (left)

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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