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I was talking earlier about the fun that is shopping. Sometimes it is fast paced, you find a new store, or visit one you know you love already and the right click buy is faster than gunfire.

Then there are those days you really get to enjoy a store, looking at it not only for it’s creations, but it’s whole aesthetics. Quirky little charms, and a real feeling that you are in the space of someone that wants to share with you the whole experience of their passion.

Unfortunatly though, due to prim limits and expense, you cannot always add or do what you wish you could. The quirk or little parts of yourself cost extra, and sometimes – and especially with newer stores – that can cost more than you have to bargain with.

Recently I went to look at some skyboxes with Whimsy, it was actually before the new year lol, so not so recent recent. There was one in particular that I loved, not just for the design, but because the creator put a bit of her own heart in the build.

It was a poem that the builder had taken and rewritten onto the texture of one wall, the house of course came with a version without. But this kind of touch completely made the house a home.

I think stores should look like stores, I am not saying run out and redo your whole shop in personal house like looks – eeks at livingroom wallpaper walls in a store – but add a splash of you to it. Some of you may remember MAD Magazines. I was comic mental as a kid…and would totally spend hours now reading them too if I had the same access to them I did then.

If you do, then you will remember the little miniature cartoons that ran up the sides of the page. They were so incredibly detailed and often had their own little story going on, but they were also not a distraction from the main pages themselves, just extra sprinkles if you will.

Whippet & Buck has such sprinkles, one in particular makes me smile every time I visit the store. I once read a twitter from Dakota Buck alluding to her love for Project Runway, this was when the show first came about. I have only recently ever watched it, and I was so entranced by the whole thing, it is an incredible show…not your normal reality TV crapola.

Now that I have watched it enough, that sprinkle stands out to me, speaks to me about passion. To those that have never seen it the same thing just works within the store environment. But those that have will smile, and know a little more about the girls behind Whippet & Buck, and that one thing makes them real.

I bought the fat pack of the beautiful new cropped bustier, and knew that it would have so many fun uses. This is just one.

Have a Passion Filled Day!

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Picture 1:

Hair: Joanna 2 –

Skin: Alice – LAQ

Clothes: Mia Corset Pants – Leezu

Rachelle Cropped Bustier – Whippet & Buck

Shoes/Boots: Stomper Boots – The Abyss

Accessories: Art Deco set – Bliensen + MaiTai

Army Green Hair Rose – Essentia

Sculpted Nails with Hud – Pixel Mode

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon


Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry