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Rainy Day
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I love those days, when you start the day off just like any normal day, but then it takes so many dips and turns and becomes a day of blessings and pure joy. I am a hair addict, I am…truly. There are days when I could just sit in a corner and cry because I don’t get a good enough fix. No matter how many hairstyles I buy, there can be times none of them quench that burning desire for ‘The One” and believe me, I am not that picky, so I have had thousands of ‘Ones” in my time in Second Life.

Hell the first time I ever went to Magika, I walked out a few hours later with 19 ‘The Ones”. Those are the fun days, the days when you can hit the motherload, and every style you put on is just scrumptious, you think you will never ever take it off, until the next ‘the one’ that is two vendors over on the right lol.

Todays though was in the form of the 50L Friday style, I have to admit that I had looked at this style in the past and it hadn’t really hit home for me, but I had never actually demo’d it, don’t know why though as I did think I had tried all of them in the store. Today though I considered my 50L purchase my demo, and WOW I couldn’t love it more, at least every 30 mins for a few hours I mentioned how much I loved it, how much I needed it in other colours, and wondered if it was just that texture combo I loved and would it carry over if I got greedy.

Well I did get greedy, and it did carry over, aren’t you as relieved as I am . Always a hat/hair addict as well, this style is just fantabulous. Everything about Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair has that effect on me though, it is Lady hair. If you are one, or aspire to being one, Bubbles can make you feel like a true woman of a time when Men were Men and Women were Ladies. When the way you turned your head and exposed a sliver of neck could send a man wild. A time when the only make up decisions you needed to make, were which red your lipstick would be that day, and how many coats of mascara was enough.

Ok I am not that old, but I can dream. I grew up in the 70’s so all of our saturday movies were Doris Day, Dean Martin and Rock Hudson type films, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean…what a time to live. It is those times when getting ready to go out could take the better part of a full day, because primping and pampering your self was well deserved…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Did I mention I LOVE HAIR.

Moving on to other loves, snuggly loves that is. The First pic – technically the second – is featuring a few items of snugglyness. First The Cashmere sweaters that come on every layer possible, and are fantastic for layered looks. The turtleneck style is lovely, and so graceful with the pants that are just newly released today.

I cheated a bit with the two tone sweater look you see under the jacket, that is actually a nipply crop top, layered over The Cashmere sweater, see how fun layers make life. The Nordic Knit Coat is so many degrees of snuggly. This knit in itself is a MUST HAVE, it is so traditional for this time of year, and stands out as something that those of us that don’t get the weather for them, pine for. I love that you can wear it as a cropped jacket, or it’s full length, and the swing design of it, allows for all sorts of sizes within it’s snuggly folds.

Another era inspired item is Hounds-tooth, the print itself is very old, and in Australia, synonymous with style and high end spending. Recently I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Fabulous Fashion taping, and the designer behind the Musashi Do brand was its guest. Shiryu explained how he always makes his own prints and textiles for his creations, and with hounds-tooth that is a very detailed task. Well he came out the other side very well, and the jacket he has created with this print is just lovely.

The long trench coat style has a fitted flat or more flared coat bottom, a stunning contrast lapel, and cuffs that allow for cuffs to your undershirts to sit neatly under. All of the coat has been created beautifully to wear as a finished look, and it does have such a wonderful finish to it.

The Elsa boots are another item that I instantly fell for, the style of boot is definitely something I love the looks of, the front of the boots are just that comfortable boot you hope never wear out, with the upper portion being a legwarmer type look that is texture change on click, the added peak of a banana heel has them right up there with my favourites for the Footwear Expo.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Sugar Biscuit – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin: Winter2 sniffles – Gala

Clothes: The Cashmere , It’s Nipply, Pantime pants – BOOM

Nordic Knit Coats – Aoharu

Shoes/Boots: Elsa Boots – Sand Shack Surf Co (footwear Expo)

Accessories: n/a

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Persona

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Love Letters – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin: Winter2 Pure – Gala

Clothes: December Warmth Coat – Musashi Do

Pantime Pants, The Cashmere – BOOM

Shoes/Boots: Elsa Boots – Sand Shack Surf Co (footwear Expo)


Eyes: Thaw -Fusemelon


Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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