A Man, his music, and the passion to endure for a cause. Today that man is Maht Wuyts, a local Second Life DJ who decided he didn’t want to just sit back and let others do, but to do himself in the best way he knew how.
It actually started as a Joke, you know a whole lot of bragging DJ’s about how long they can go for, well their ‘record’ at Velvet – the location for this event – was actually still less than Maht usually did for fun.

So he gave himself a challenge, that one day, when it was the right time, he would pull and all dayer… but it had to be for charity, or why bother.

I asked him why he was interested in the particular Charity this event is raising funds for, and his response was ” I was looking for something international and a friend suggested it. I was sold by the idea that the people who get, say, a cow, will later give a cow to someone else from the offspring.”

A real paying it forward kind of approach that is not only happening in Uganda, but is happening right here in Second Life, if you visit this event today, not only will you be helping a Charitable cause, but you will also be showing many residents that have supported Maht and his endeavour how incredibly united as a community we can be, by just being here, stopping by and saying hi, even if you just drop in 1L it is something that will go towards something wonderful.

If you cannot make the event, you can IM Maht Wuyts directly , and let him know you are donating, and then pay his profile.
The Target is 100K at the moment of writing this they are at 72K that is fantastic, and you can help them top it off.

The Fund a Heifer Project information can be found HERE .

TP TO VELVET and Maht Wuyts HERE .