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There are probably a hundred posts – slight exaggeration – where I say that the skins by this creator are ‘ perfect for lingerie’. I am almost tempted to do a search on the myself to see how many exactly, but those that have read those posts in the past will know it’s true.

For some reason too, whenever there was new skin by the then Fleur, I was always on my posestand already, and used to think that Roslin had my house wired or something. So often I had shown the Fleur skins with lingerie releases from other stores, but now with the recent change to 5th & Oxford and the very talented Roslin now making clothing, I squeel because I get to do both lingerie and skins from the same store.

Last night when I put this set on, I was lounging around the house, and I told Mel that if I could I would so go out and shop in this set, that I would do all the things I normally do in a day, but in this incredibly styled vintage look lingerie, and I meant it.

The lingerie and the skins are called Little Miss , and it is so perfect a name for such a girly girl collection, I am personally all chuffed, because there is even accessories and more lingerie to be seen, but to be honest, I am saving it to make it last longer lol.

Now the accessories are the fabulous headband, and veil for that even more vintage look, as well as mules but NOT the ones I am wearing, see the ones from 5th & Oxford are great but they are traditional mules in the sense that they have the fluff, and I begged Enkythings creator Enktan to make me mules without fluff a long time ago for lingerie shoots, as I didn’t shoot alpha very well back then etc, so I had to keep true to them, as they are my favourite lingerie shoes.

Make sure you try all the skins, and definitely get all the lingerie, so that Roslin keeps making more and more and more, because it is sooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous.

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Picture :

Hair: Babys on Fire – Lamb

Skin: Little Miss – 5th & Oxford

Clothes: Little Miss Lingerie – 5th & Oxford

Shoes/Boots: Nana Heels – Enkythings

Accessories: Little Miss Accessories Headband & Veil – 5th & Oxford

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Lost Angels

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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