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Say you Say me

Another Flash post, only because I got so distracted by a hundred things to do with What’s New SL today, so I better hurry and put this out, or I will lose all my info.
So I logged in and had to run to get new hair, oh my goodness what yummyness…then I  got caught up doing all sorts of stuff, hours later I sat there and laughed for at least ten minutes as Whimsy got herself in such a flap claiming she had nothing to wear. Now I doubt that big time as her inventory is as large as mine.

Anyway I dragged her over to Designers United II – What a fantastic cause by the way, I would love more info on who is behind that event – and then Ashia logged in and all three of us bought as much as we could carry. After all that though the only thing from there that I am wearing is the Gold Crow ring I have on from GLOW, isn’t it delightful. I am loving how it looks, and the fabulous theme for this event is crows, so the motif on the ring is of a crow and dead trees, it’s fantastical.

The heavenly coat that I am wearing in this pic is the latest from LeLutka , it is tweedaliscous and called Trisha, and if you know me know me, you will know that I am so not looking forward to summer, and the idea of my summer in SL is painful every year, as I sit here dieing of the heat, but not able to resist wearing all the winter wonders that grace the grid. This coat is shaped perfectly for the body, the sculpties are easy to fit, and there is an inbuilt AO option for the right movement, as well as a perfect sit.

Ok why do I call these flash posts, they are getting longer than the others?

I am actually wearing a short skirt underneath this coat, it is the new Loathed Mini by Kyoot, I love this look especially in the in between seasons, autumn being my favourite. I also showed the look with longer dress pants, some older items from LeLutka when the label was Cachet, They are some of my favourite pants, they are the Wednesday pants, and they are YUM.

But originally I had to flash some leg so that you could see the new ankle boots by LeLutka, these are called Chloe and they are that perfect shoe/boot look that allows for prim pants, but has that boot look that always looks so hot, I don’t know what it is, but I really love it, and am so glad to have the ability to still wear it.

Hair Hair fabulous Hair, Lamb you are doing wild and wonderful things to my hair follicles of late, and if you are an aussie and you have ever tried an orgasmatron, that’s how I feel about new hair. Say is one of two newly released hairstyles today, and its just the bombdiddlydoo it really is.

The skin I am featuring today is from Red Queen (rQ), it is way too complicated to name in a sentence , but it is as usual beautifuly made up. I love the way Ruth accentuates the eyes as she does, and just ads the right amount of flavour to the mouth. This time around Ruth added piercings to the body of the skin as an OPTION, you will have to see that in the DEMOS, because if I showed you, you would only see one of them.

Have a splendid day, and while you are looking for things to do today , Join What’s New SL in world ( search > groups > What’s New SL ) the launch for the group will be next week and there are surprises in store.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Say – Lamb

Skin:Tan@TYPE.o6-B.o4 [rQ] Red Queen

Clothes: Trisha Coat, Wednesday Pants – LeLutka

Loathed Mini Skirt – Kyoot

Shoes/Boots: Chloe Ankle Boots – LeLutka

Accessories: Gold Crow Ring – Glow Studios

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Miseria

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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