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You know I have to be honest, I didn’t know who Frank Lloyd Wright was before Second Life. It’s not that we don’t have influences of his in Australia, I mean we must. But not until Second Life did I ever really consider where those influences came from, or for that matter in how high regard a man such as he was; was held.

I am probably very underdressed for a field trip of this nature, but that is the other joy and learning experience that Second Life allows us, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, actually; just don’t judge.

Imagine what he could have done in Second Life had he lived to see it, but he is actually not only immortalised here by the place I visited today, but because of the NEW FLW Museum I actually learned that one of our esteemed Designers names ‘Fallingwater’ of Shinythings, is the name of one of his more famous builds. I wonder if she is a fan too and that’s why the name ?, the irony is that her last name is Cellardoor and from what I read, he actually got rid of most basements and attics that were in usual American architecture, now I need to know if Fallingwater actually had a cellar …argh – someone has to let me know.

The FLW Museum in Second Life is a beautifuly dedicated build to his memory, the large pictures of him are full of facts about the man, and his life. There is a tour of his work, and just a really nice vibe to the place. I do not know how the Museum came about, but if it is what I think , then someone who admires the man greatly has dedicated their time and energy to show and share that admiration with us..we are truly lucky that we can do that here.

The outfit that I am wearing is a mix, the skirt – which Ashia claims is NOT a skirt – is by Paradisis, isn’t it arrest worthy..the only pout worthy thing about it is that the panties do not come seperately and they look awesome, and I want them. But aside from that it comes on a billion layer combinations.

The incredible thing about Paradisis is that everything is sold either transfer or copy, depending on which vendor you buy from, so be aware that you do have that option, and don’t buy the incorrect one. The Skirt comes with the garters and fabulous stockings in three different colours. Incredible prices and everything , and I do mean EVERYTHING is handdrawn by the creators at Paradisis.

The hoodie is a release shortly after the skirts, and they are equally fab, coming on numerous layers with a great range of colours. The skirt also comes in other colours, I bought them all, one is the U.S version with red and white panties, with a blue denim skirt, very cute.

The Vogue Tank is by Cynful and comes also on a billion layers, in with or without garter straps option, I obviously didn’t wear that one with this look as I would have had way too many straps going on, but it will get a revisit soon. The tops also have a lovely lace trim as well as at the cleavage, but you can’t see it because of the layer combo I am wearing.

Lovely Tasha, is a skin that many know and have from LAQ, recently redone in the Glow series, it deserves a revisit…or a first. Due to it being a redo , the fat pack of this skin and a few others in the Glow range are a steal, and all come with the hair base option, that looks awesome with the latest release of the hair that goes with hair base skins…so much so that I was able to convince Arabella to try on the skins when shopping for the hair, and it was a win lol.

The nose on Tasha is adorable, and the make ups are just lovely, the lips will win your affections, as they are full and pouty and just incredibly done, they are a rich and full covering lipstick which is great for those that want to look like they are making an effort for a night out, but also giving you a day option in lighter colours.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Jaraha – Nodoka

Skin: Tasha – LAQ

Clothes: Micro Skirt Camo  & Sweeties Hoodie – Paradisis

Vogue Tank – Cynful

Shoes/Boots: Harvey Boots – Tesla

Accessories: Army Hair Rose – Essentia (waves to Lolita)

Angel Earrings – Glow Studios

Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Poses

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

Locations : Frank Lloy Wright Museum , The Deck – Studio

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