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Holey Moley


Over the years there have been many reasons to visit the store, or run into the Designer and her items that I am featuring today. The first time I landed there was because of something I read, the second time was because of Pirate boots and not only did I walk out with those, but also some Yeti ones as well – goes to find them to put them on, they should keep me warm. Wooohooooo * clomps around in my fox fur yeti boots.

Ok where was I, oh yeah,  third was at a Charity Auction were the Mens suit came out on a lady,the fourth time was for an Aussie Bikini,  and the most recent was not to the actual store, but to see the designer on Fabulous Fashion…now originally I went to the taping to see Zoe Demar as guest stylist, but I was ever so excited to be able to actually sit in on the taping of one of our long time, and wonderful resident Designers Swaffette Firefly as a guest of the show.

For a start, if you have ever wondered, or in fact thought about it at all, I think she sounds exactly how you might imagine. Swaffette Firefly has a lovely speaking voice with an adorable accent. She spoke passionately about her designs, the process, and her past and future with Second Life, it was actually a really captivating show, I could have listened to her all day.

Anyway I am rambling, and I totally meant for this to be a short post, almost as short as the sexy Crochet ensemble I am featuring from SF Designs today. If like me you were around at all in the 70’s , I was born then but I remember it well, you will find this look very familiar. The crochet look was huge, if you had a nana that crocheted you were set, but then convincing them to make you an itty bitty bikini wasn’t always so easy.

I didn’t have the nana, but I did have a store bought pink crochet bikini, and you cannot get them wet, they are for enjoying the sun in, nothing more. The one that comes with this Caribbean Crochet set is beautiful, not only is it white and able to show off your tan splendidly, but it has the lovely addition of beads at the cleavage, straps and ties..a really nice look and a touch of colour.

The dress has two options, cheeky and discreet, note the cheeky is just that, but of course you can wear the bikini bottoms under it, the bikini top as well if you wish too, but the straps and style of the tops don’t go together as well , so on it’s own is just right.

There is something definitely naughty about crochet, I don’t know why, but even though you are covered, you can end up feeling way more exposed than if you were wearing less. I guess that is the whole idea, definitely an outfit for Second Life, with the weather always permitting, this is an ensemble that is perfect for walks along the beach, enjoying time outdoors, and definitely, definitely for enticing your partner with.

If you want to check out the PERFECT place, and I do mean PERFECT place for island items,a beautiful store – uses the word store  ever so loosely – is a place created by Tobias Novi, I have a few of his pieces at The Deck , and I wish I had room for more, his work is stunning and prim count will be a thing of the past once you start buying from there, everything is huge and yet little prims used.

He does a lot of the outside sim reefs and islands, also his inside sim stuff is just gorgeous, his tree houses need to be seen and enjoyed, so grab some friends and explore his sims, and be amazed like I was that they are homesteads. Also look for the squirrel house , it is a work of art.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to Sasypants.com.

Picture 1:

Hair: Milk – Lamb

Skin: Climax/Valeries T2 Champagne BLK – Pulse

Clothes: Caribbean Crochet – SF Designs

Shoes/Boots: Tassel Wedges – J’s

Accessories: Hair Rose small – Essentia

Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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