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Biker Babe

Biker Babe
One thing about the fig leaf duo over at Adam n Eve, is they do leather, and they do it well. Starting at the boots, the new Troi boots by Damen Gorilla are sleek and sexy. The racing stripes up the side make them go faster :P, and they are only available for the month of August, now there’s a way to torture the foot fetishists out there.

The other leather adorning my body today, is by Sachi Vixen who love’s to take on a whole lot of endeavours at once, the latest is the reworking of her entire skin line. Recently she undertook the destruction of the old hair store, and I have to say YAY.  Sachi and I have had a long going battle with the hair department at Adam n Eve, and finally she got around to a huge revamp just before Hair Fair. Make sure you give that department a thorough fondling when you are there gettting the boots.

Wow I did go off on a tangent then, the leather is the Leather pants, and the Georgie Vest, both item were created a large amount of time apart, but are stunning together. Sachi does INCREDIBLE leather, after the skin make over , I may just have to put up my dukes for more leather.

Around my neck and arms are the divine bows from DeLa, seriously these are so pretty, that it is one of those ‘I didn’t know I needed such things, until I had them” moments. They are available studded as worn or not, the arm bands look fantastic like this, or even more beautiful with a corset top from a formal gown, it ends up giving a really beautiful boost to older styles.

The Pilot Peepers are from Miel, and come with an array of menu choices, for colour and shade settings. There are other glasses to choose from, but for this look I went with pilot, but all are so great you need them for sure, especially the Genius ones lol they are too cool.

Wrapping it all around the Riley skin by Idiosyncrasy, Ashia definitely has her skin groove on lately and I am stoked. With an international relocation she found inspiration, and that rocks. Riley is a youthful looking skin, but with the strength in the make up, it definitely works on both levels, and also has freckles options. I got to sneak peak another upcoming skin from Idiosyncrasy and the temptation to post it was so high.

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Hair: Shelby – Adam n Eve

Skin: Riley – Idiosyncrasy

Clothes:Leather pants, Georgie Girl Vest – Adam n Eve

Leather Gloves – Luck Inc

Shoes/Boots: TROI (limited edition) – Adam n Eve

Accessories: Ribbons Studded – DeLa

Pilot Peepers – Miel

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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