Australian’s In Second Life

Right now there is much talk about Australians like myself, being banned from Second Life, not only Second Life but many other online worlds and games, yes they are clumping us together as one.

At the moment there are no really ‘Official” statements to this effect, but a lot of posts, forum chatter, and news articles in world and out of world on this matter. I have been getting IM’s all week from friends asking if it is true and will I have to leave if it is etc.

At this stage we do not know, all we do know is that if this does pass, that many lives in and out of Second Life will be effected. If you care about this issue, and believe me you should, because it is the kind of thing that if it works in one country others will try it too…then please go and sign this petition and do as much as you can to help.

You do not have to be an Australian to care about the outcome of this, you just have to care.

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Sasy Scarborough