xoxSasyxox Cafe Set with Cupcake Giver for Victoria Bushfire Relief

xoxSasyxox - Cafe Set with Cupcake Giver

I wanted to do my part other than just shopping for the Victoria Bushfire Relief effort, started by Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck.

This Cafe set w/ Cupcake Giver consists of 4 chairs, 2 high back 2 low back…a glass topped table, and a plate of Cupcakes that when clicked will send one of each colour to inventory, which you then wear and eat.

Each chair has one animation created by Pillow Talk, and they are all mod so that you can reset the sits to what you might need depending on avatar size.

The four chairs, table and cupcake giver are for sale at Essentia Main Store (thank you Fiachra ) and the price is 300L and ALL money will go directly to the relief fund.

I hope that someone finds a use for them for their home or store etc.

Thanks to Mel, Fiachra and Whimsy for helping me create these items.

xox Sasy xox