Bushfire Red Cross Appeal

Every summer as much as Aussies love their sunshine, with that sunshine comes devastating consequences. This year marks the most horrific bushfires we have ever had in this country, and that in no way makes any of the past ones any less devastating.

As Achariya said in her post HERE , “Something that humbles me about Second Life is how it makes the globe shrink”. It truly is that humbling loging on to offlines from people that you know from other countriesl; so concerned that maybe you could have been effected by the disasters. I am lucky to live in Sydney so I am out of harms way, but that doesn’t mean I am not effected by it, as are hundreds if not thousands of Second Lifers.

One of the scariest things about online relationships is the fear that one day someone will just not log on again, we don’t always have their RL info regardless of how long we have known them, or how close we are, it’s just not something that needs to happen, we trust in the seeing them as often as we do.

But something like this awakens that fear, there is most likely someone right now who hasn’t heard from an Australian friend or partner, someone they love so dearly who has been effected by this disaster and that breaks my heart a little bit more. The fact that also those people that are missing may have never told their family and RL friends that they had a Second Life, so there is no one that knows to log in and let their friends know something has happened.

They will not be able to do anything to show how much they cared and loved those people, they will be only able to grieve silently for their loss, because often in RL others just don’t ” get”  the connection we make with people we have never met, which as many of you know doesnt mean jack when you care about someone.

Right now these bushfires have wiped out many, devastated and killed, left people with nothing but the clothes on their backs, some people you may know, or family members of theirs could be in the midst of these disasters right now, and due to the effects of that are unable to log in to even let you know they are ok.

What we can do is rally together, do our part to show those people that we care about that we do love, that we do care, and that we will miss them, and that even if they are safe,we care and have compassion for those around them that are suffering, this whole country is going to suffer from this tragedy, and I am again so glad to be a part of a community that comes together in these times of need and shows what true and selfless love is all about.

The following was a notecard sent to me, and if you can do anything to help please contact Dakota Buck or Autumn Hykova.


As some of  you may have heard, there was a devastating  bush fire  in Victoria, entire towns have been wiped out and the death toll is over 100 and climbing .,27574,25023335-1243,00.html  is one of the many news articles I have been linked to.

From the article:
Premier John Brumby has described the disaster as “the worst day in our history”.   He called the bushfires “a monster that couldn’t be controlled”.

This is, beyond comprehension to me, and I wanted to organize something,  anything, so that I could help. Some of the people I hold most dear to my heart are from Australia, and I am hoping that we can come together as a community as we have in the past to help out the affected victims of this tragedy.

If you are interested in participating, please send Autumn Hykova a note card, it could be   a new release, or portions of sales items you already have. We will have a donation box as well.

I’ve created an avatar, Victoria Farshore, who will be the account that holds any money donated, and all the proceeds will go to the Australian Red Cross.

They have the ability to donate to a specific campaign, so we know exactly where the money is going.

Thank you for your interest. Please pass this notecard to anyone who may be interested in participating.

Autumn Hykova & Dakota Buck