REDGRAVE featuring Chi Junot

Chi Junot has only recently started blogging over at Fashion Finds, and in a small amount of time she has really started to nail it. She has a fabulous writing style as well as an awesome dress style, and I couldn’t resist asking if I could post this on here too.

My introduction to REDGRAVE; came when I saw the Brown Glitter Club Dress in the most recent Sexy Second Magazine 50 sexiest things in SL. My next exposure to REDGRAVE came when I saw a photo of someone (it may have been Alaska Metropolitan) wearing this Silver Sequin Club Dress. Both of them reduced me to a state of helpless primal longing, which was not eliminated by actually going to the store and looking at the display photos. In a cruel irony, the vendors for the two dresses happen to be mounted on the wall next to each other, which means that picking one only must leave you facing the (temporarily) spurned object of your clothing lust.

REDGRAVE does not believe in either subtlety or false advertising. This dress and its sib are named club dresses for a reason. I cannot imagine wearing this for any purpose other than trying to make heads turn on a dance floor. Were the sparkles not sufficient, designer Emilia Redgrave has attached pearl strands to both skirt and bodice for additional glitz, almost leading me to wonder whether the dress includes some sort of subliminal bling. More pop art than clothing, it is strictly for those rare occasions when only the very brightest will do.

ETD Eva II hair (modified) in Mahogany
Adam n Eve Classique shoes in Silver
Adam n Eve Pandora Fall Diva skin in Primrose