Glimmer featuring Efemera Bisiani

Efe has done a great post at Fashion Finds on the latest release by Digit Darkes, so with all my whats new and notices and in Phils Place promoting of the wonderful set, I like it when I can hand over the reigns to someone else, or Im lazy you decide lol.

Efemera :
OK, so I’ve been quiet. Worryingly so in fact for me!! But don’t worry, I’ve not been plotting total world domination – yet. Just that RL has been… uncooperative recently, so I’ve hidden myself away in inventory sorting, all the better to regale you with more posts once I can actually find stuffs!! But, sometimes something comes along that you just have to post now, now, now and today was one of those days.

Isn’t it yummilicious? The new Glimmer dress by the talented Ms Digit Darkes. And it’s got sequins, and sparkle and swwwwwwwwwish! And you remember how much I love the swish, right? The way the light is baked into this texture is just amazing, and frankly puts all those horrible frocks with added bling to shame. And the black belt makes co-ordinating a dream. As I said with the Determined outfit, be great if SL would allow extra layers for more belt colour options, but as it stands, you just can’t go wrong with black!!

But this is such a versatile outfit too. Just look at how gorgy the swimsuit is once you take off the skirt!! *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs* It gives the impression that lots of skin is on show, but the way the cutouts are placed, it’s perfectly modest – just the right balance to be sexy, not slutty. And I’m just adoring the buckle on the back, tho I must admit wouldn’t fancy it RL – can you imagine a) how uncomfy, and b) how hot it would get in the sun?

And just to turn the sexy up, I really wanted to try something totally brazen, and I just love the splash of red from the “stripper heels” in contrast to the black. Oh my, I can see this is another outfit that’s gonna get plenty of wear. And best of all – I’ve only shown three colours here – it’s also available in Amethyst, Champagne, Gold, Silver, Wine, Golden, Mocha and Navy. So that’s a total of eleven colours to choose from ladies, and if there isn’t something to suit you in there, there’s no hope for you! *giggles*

Picture 1:
Digit Darkes – Glimmer – Red
Dahlinks – Slave to Love – Burnt Heart

Hair: ETD – Abigail
Skin: Canimal – Essence (Charm)… of Pinup

Picture 2
Digit Darkes – Glimmer – Teal
Digital Dragon Designs – Classy Slingback Heels – Green Black
Alienbear Gupte – Oriental Tang Empress – Moonstone

Hair: ETD – Willis II
Skin: PixelSpa – SdR Caramel – Mermaid (Cateye liner)

Picture 3
Digit Darkes – Glimmer – Black
Tesla – Felicity – Red

Hair: MMS – Venessa
Skin: PixelSpa – SdR Almond – Chanteuse (Cateye liner)

Also wearing:
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes
Eyes: Simtropia – Gray Deep
Manicures: Fleur