EDIT : Overwhelming response already this post is to just get me some idea of WHO wants to help, so let me know you are IN and then I will contact with further info YOU ALL ROCK !

UPDATE : Luicee Babii is doing the posters YAY

Earlier today I was in a group IM that had become very dramatic, when one of the people IM’d me personally a comment was made about how someone had commented on her typing in the Group and her reaction to that even though very upset at the time, was to explain that even though her typos were caused by distress ‘What if she had had a disability’.

I have often thought that in the past, and having had an acquaintance in Yahoo, long before I was a resident here who was deaf and raved about the virtues of being in Phil’s Place and how it allowed her to be just like everyone else.

Back then voice wasn’t here, and in many other forms of chat people tended to communicate with voice, leaving her missing out on a lot of discussions. I was never able to find her here once I did join and I wish I had been able to.

Anyway after that conversation I was posting todays earlier post and was waiting for pics to load and decided to look at YouTube for a bit while waiting, and started watching some movies on Phils Place. Many I had seen before but one I hadn’t…this moved me to tears- yes RL ones, I am a crier, bet you didn’t expect that :P. Im embedding the video so please please watch and continue reading.

I instantly looked up the location of the movie, Wheelies…. and TP’d over to find that what was shown in the film was no longer the case, it had relocated to what is in the picture.

I found a donation fountain at the TP point and instantly threw in what I could. I am also hoping that many of you will do the same, but thats not what I am after.

What I want and I hope everyone will jump on board, is a way for us to help them with not just monetary donations into the fountain but possibly ways to make a bigger chunk of change. But I do still want you to throw in the fountain too lol.

What I was hoping and the timing for this is perfect, you see the University of Texas in Austin sim is holding a Carnival this Sunday at 6pm with dancing and entertainments and a whole slew of freebies to raise money for Wheelies, I have no idea what the freebies are of course , but again I know you are all such incredible people, that I want us again as I said to DO MORE.

There are so many incredibly talented Designers and Content Creators with HUGE hearts in SL, and I am calling on you all, I am hoping that as many of you that can will come up with an item that you would be willing to put a script in to forward the money to the Wheelies people…I am not even expecting it to be 100% of sales just something that you will be happy to do that with.

I am going to organise space at the Wheelies location to have these items at, or even if you were willing to set up the item at your own stores and have some sort of sign explaining where the money is going – someone with PS talent make me a sign lol PLEEEASE …..It is so upsetting that they have gone from what is in that movie to what they have now , and no offence to the lovely lady who has generously donated part of her land to them, which is awesome but as far as I can tell is limited on space and prims.

Also that build *sobs* again no offence but its so not worthy of such a wonderful place, but I am thinking its more about the people there not the walls that surround them :o). I have seen many times such generous reactions to many people who have needed help in Phils Place in the past, you all rally around and contribute so selflessly that I am begging – has no shame for good causes- you to do what you can to help.

So here is the list lol :

* Some sort of artwork to use as a sign for people that want to sell items and raise funds

* Designers/Creators to contact me in the next few days to let me know that they want to help by donating sales from an item or ten 😛 .

* Any kind of ideas people have to raise funds for them, donate larger land/builds etc.

This is everyones chance to do something so wonderful for such incredible people, that are providing a place and oppurtunity for people world wide to have somewhere to meet up and enjoy each others company, that may or may not have the same disabilities as they do.

This is what Phils Place is all about, its the people that are here that make us such a success. If you cant donate goods or services and wont be around Sunday please please drop by Wheelies and drop whatever you can in the fountain, it is so incredibly appreciated.

More info on Sundays event, no slurl as yet as its in the process of being built so restricted access right now.

WHAT: A carnival-theme event with games, rides, dancing, and entertainment to raise money for a good cause! Everything is free and donation boxes will be set up around the event to support Wheelies.

WHO’S INVITED: Anyone and everyone who wants to have fun and give support to the Wheelies club.

WHERE: The event will be located on a platform in our class island…Educators Coop 1 (94 ,229,151)

WHEN: This Sunday (4/27) at 6:00 PM LT

WHY: To have a fun time, interact, and most importantly–support a great cause.

HOSTED BY: Students at the University of Texas at Austin with special help from Wheelies!

*** “Where hurts are healed and new life begins” — Wheelies 2008 Slogan ***

Thank You
xoxo Sasy xoxo

P.S I am going to bully everyone on my list 😛 so be warned lol