Don’t be an idiot like me

Ok that title sounds like I have an issue 😛 I don’t right now , but if you don’t take my advice I will,lol. Yesterday I was getting lots of notices and one just jumped off the screen and smacked me hard, not just because of the items, but also the information in the notecard.

Asuka Martin of Dernier Cri is an oldie thats NEW to Phil’s place..confused? good lol. Asuka has been in the teen grid for the past few years, and recently had to do that scary transition to our lovely overwhelming shores, leaving all of her friends behind her :o(. Believe me though we are glad she turned 18.

This girl has skilllllllls and big ones, not only has she moved her ISLAND!, yes she has had one of those for a year, but she also came bearing an incredible inventory for us to cherish, and cherish you will.

I have made a video to show you something amazing she has also brought with her that has been tackled in our parts before, but this was a first for me in such an easy way..WATCH THE VIDEO I am embedding it too as you will want to see what will I am sure get chopped for some of you.

So Asuka has brought us clothing for Men and Women, as well as absolutely incredible Hair as you will see, I also spoke to her for a bit this morning so that convo will be here too.

Ok so I got really really excited shopping late last night, and I was worried I outdid hair compared to clothes, so wore a few styles at the beginning and then ran out of hair lol.

This first set is the Shelly set, a lovely keyhole style crop top with wonderful sleeve ties and an adorable tank with little hearts on the straps.

The capris also come with the set and I just love the texture work and the belt on the waist is perfectly matched to the top.

Oh by the way did I mention that all of these clothes cost me a staggering 50L each and yes for sets too, Asuka is having a one or two week Grand Opening Sale, that also means hair starts at 50L , which is kind of explained in the Video.

The hair styles are top left to right Alysha, Clipped and April, and they are all yummmmy as is all the incredible Hair there, remember keeping DEMOS as I said in the Video is so important for these, as if your like me you will be so concerned about dyeing that first style you will want to look at every colour on the DEMO first, and YOU CAN, as the DEMO versions are unlimited Dyes.

But then when you move on to the 2nd and 3rd and in your cases the TENTH 😛 you will need to keep referring to that precious DEMO to guide the way. So do what I did and drag the DEMO folder into the hair folder for safe keeping. The skin I am wearing is Arcane – Smokey available at TRUTH and the gorgy shoes are from ETD and are the heelstrap platforms.

The next piece is the Cut Out Turtleneck in Pink, I love her pinks her actual colour palette for all things is superb.

Really lovely shading on this top and of course being cut-out like it is, its like a shrug and top combo which is YUMMY.

The hair is the Flossy style and is all sculpties, yes she can even do those too- darnit lol. You can just imagine my trauma colouring each first style lol in the packs, so every pic took an extra ten minutes debating with the demo, because I honestly love every single texture she has.

As you will see too, I went Blonde nuts , every blonde she has is just spot on, whatever type of blonde shade you love I think its there.

This is the Blithe set, this is such a fun casual look but with definite sexy attached. Again a wonderful use of colours and I was overjoyed I got a chance to pull out my Sculptie trainers from Sculpties up In here in the teal and brown as I haven’t worn them in an age.

Definitely smart cas with the jacket, but change tops and it definitely can go into a dressier look.

The hair left to right is Kate and Jamison, I fell hard in love with Kate, the shaggy style is wonderful, the perfect razor cut, Jamison I have been wearing all day since..I love the style as well as the colour lol, with the tan skin I look wonderfully healthy.

The Jamie set I dont actually even remember buying, I was so in awe of everything, knowing where she came from was making my mind reel and her age sooo talented. That I have to admit one or two items I bought without them rezzing fully LMAO – at 50L you know you would have too.

So when I put it on I was wooohooo, you know how much I love my grey and pinstripes together AWESOMENESS! add some pink and its divine.

Again these pieces can mix and match superbly with other items and the consistency of her colours is what is going to make that a breeze. Ok so I love love love the pants, but get a load of that blazer, its so many degrees of yummy- will have to go back and get that in every colour ( Asuka honey we need the fat packs for sure ).

The wonderful long locks are called Lindsay – no idea if thats Lindsay Lohan or what, dont really care its HOT!. I am also wearing the Venus Sandals from The HUB which even though they are black work so well as they are the noir ones and aren’t a dark black, and as the pinstripe pants have a drawstring and are a bit more casual the sandals really suit the mood.

This next set is called Rogue, this was another non rez lol, but Im starting to think I shop better that way lol less thinking more buying.

This set has a whole Greek Gladiatoress thing happening, the wonderful cream and white corset with the floaty flexi skirt, the glitch are even jagged for a better flow of look, did I mention yet ASUKA HAS THE SKILLLLLLS.

The hair style again in Sculpties is the Nicky hair, and the flow and waves to this are just wonderful, as well as those thick bangs, hee hee I chose a hair colour to match the look and it worked a treat.

I had been waiting to find the perfect colour combo to wear with the fab Garcia boots from Dela and this was it for sure. I love this whole package, strolling along beaches, shopping or going out dancing it all works.

This set is the Rugged, and the top didnt appeal to me an awful lot on the ad but the jeans OH MY.

The top is adorable on though, and the bonus of the bikini top with the set is wonderful, as it would look great with a shrug or your fav denim jacket.

But back to the pants WOWZA they are hot, the cut off waistband is so Mariah lol and done superbly, definitely cheeky – pun pun pun – and a wonderful denim colour too, more grey than blue and you know it already or do I have to say again? I LOVE GREY ! lol.

Shabby Chic is the name of the hair and even though it doesnt come with paint splatters or decoupage – giggles- its another wonderful shaggy cut.The sandals are the latest Sulaco by Enkythings, I have on the shades grey version so that the lighter strip in the middle highlights with the different shades in the denim – aren’t I tricky :P.

More pink ymmyness, and remember if Pink doesn’t tickle you there are other colours – so have to go back before the sale ends and get them all lol.

This is the Spring set, again the jeans are superb, and with the added little details this set just ups and ups the cute meter.

The top has as you can see two parts to it , or so you think :P, but that adorable little lace trim at the bottom is actualy an option on the underpants layer , so you can wear with adorable lace or without and then with or without the black lacey tube top underneath, or if your feeling daring on its own .

The hair is Tara, and in hommage to the Tara I know I went a lovely brown colour , this hair again is so well structured and the bangs and split back are all superb. The shoes are the Balmoral Heels from TRUTH in the texture change, lovely pumps named after one of our most gorgeous beaches here in Australia.

I ran out of hair here lol , The next two sets are again really casual fun sets, the one on the left is called Retro and I think the slim belt added to the texture is just a wonderful finish to this top, with the lovely floral trim that is repeated on the cuffs of the capris.

The set on the right is Misty, again a lovely set , that could move into evening with the change of pants as the top is just divine.

The shoes are the Frisky wedges by Maitreya and their floral print went so well with both.

Now for our chat :

Sasy Scarborough: how long where you in the teen grid ?
Asuka Martin: about 2 and a half years

Sasy Scarborough: and how long until you started creating ?
Asuka Martin: I started making things the day I joined. I used to be into making sims textures and things, and then I heard about SL and thought it’d be neat to join

Sasy Scarborough: ok so you started straight away but you said you moved your island from teen grid ? so you were selling on teen grid also ?
Asuka Martin: yeah I opened up a store on the teen grid about a week after I started playing. I pretty much remade my sims items at first

Sasy Scarborough: awesome what was your site for the sims
Asuka Martin: I didn’t have a site, but I went by Revoye and reavoye on a couple of sites like the sims resource, and mod the sims

Sasy Scarborough: ok so you had a store and you were able to afford an island , are they the same price as adult grid of did you have to upgrade ?
Asuka Martin: Last year I bought an island in april. yeah they’re the same price as here on the adult grid

Sasy Scarborough: wow thats amazing and all this while you were at school ?
Asuka Martin: yep
Sasy Scarborough: thats great :o)

Sasy Scarborough: so are your friends creators too,on the teen grid you speak so highly of them it must have been awful to come here alone
Asuka Martin: yeah 🙁 Before I left me and my friends all shared Dernier cri. We were always making things together and helping each other out. my friend chichi kotobide just transfered last saturday.

Sasy Scarborough: so chi chi will be starting a label too ? or merging with Dernier Cri ?
Asuka Martin: she’ll be setting things up on Dernier Cri. she already has some shorts and one of her shoes setup

Sasy Scarborough: so eventually Dernier Cri adult grid will be the same as teen but with more shoppers lol
Asuka Martin: I really wish there weren’t two separate grids though. It was really sad how everyone on dernier cri kind of had to split apart. :/
Sasy Scarborough: yes i think there should be a family grid at least a pg grid for all that would be great one of our fashionistas (hee Hee Whimsy 😛 ) lol has kids on the teen grid now and its hard

Sasy Scarborough: what did you think of it here when you first arrived ? have you had much of a chance to explore?
Asuka Martin: everything on the main grid is gigantic. The map, the builds, the avatars ;D I thought it was kind of amusing. Teens like to make everything really small
Asuka Martin: I took this picture the day I transfered. 😛

Sasy Scarborough: OMG
Sasy Scarborough: lmao

Sasy Scarborough: yeah i guess your alot more relative to real size over there lol, here everyone is 7ft tall
Asuka Martin: I remember using that hight script and getting back something like 5 ft 5

Sasy Scarborough: so your inventory transferred with you ?no need to upload al over again ?
Asuka Martin: yep my inventory transfered (that would be awful otherwise o.o)

Sasy Scarborough: ok so what does your family think of Sl ?
Asuka Martin: they think its pretty neat. Everytime I have to transfer money through my moms paypal from SL, she’s always like “teach me how!” My mom actually started painting some skin tones 🙂 they look really good for starting out

Sasy Scarborough: so how did you actualy learn to create in the first place ?
Asuka Martin: I used to like playing with photoshop and scanning things in and messing with them. when I got into the sims I started trying to make textures, and pretty much taught myself how.
Sasy Scarborough: very talented indeed 🙂
Asuka Martin: 😀

isn’t she cute 🙂 .

Ok so I have shown you it all, well most of it lol you have to get over to Dernier Cri and grab everything in sight or in my case sort of sight lol BUY IT ALL! the sale wont last.

Always thankful for

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch
[LAP] Long Akward Pose