Fae’s have taken over the garden

Fae’s have taken up space at Adam n Eve this week, its true you can hear them giggling as you walk around the store, impish little creatures they are…but oh so beautiful if you are lucky enough to catch one in your sight.

Now I hear that one night, in the wee wee hours of the morn, Sachi spotted a group of Fae hiding under a mushroom, all of their clothes were tattered and torn, and her heart went out to these beautiful whimsical creatures of the garden.

Now a few regulars to Adam n Eve have since spotted the lovely Fae in their New designer threads and poked and prodded poor Sachi into making some for the rest of us, she gave in with the blessings of the Fae and now we are blessed to have, the stunning Woodland sets and the divine Winirose sets-giggles its all true I swear*crosses fingers behind back then resumes typing.

Now thing is, there are two different kinds of Fae in Sachis’ Garden, the first are the Nawty Fae that adorn themselves in leather and latex- you never knew did you, that there were nawty fae :P- So the Woodland is the set made for them.

Sexy Latex and Laced up corset style tops, are part of this delish set. You have of course because it is from Adam n Eve, different skirt lengths and lots of options for wear. It even has an underwear set included and I know myself I dont want to know what Fae are doing in Latex panties but still, they are there.

The top of this set would look smokin hot with your favourite leather pants or whatever fabric you like. As well as being a Fae set, these pieces all look smashing without the glorious wings, so you will have all sorts of possibilities.

Now for the Pretty and Pure Fae Sachi created the Winirose set, and this is just heavenly.

The fabric and colours are just so beautiful, they remind me of scented stationary lol which is kind of odd but hey Im the one telling the story. The delicate floral motif wrapped around each arm to create incredible sleeves is wonderful, and this set again without the sheer gossamer wings look so perfect for weddings for either flowergirls or bridesmaids.

I am wearing the Pandora skin from Adam n Eve in the Pretty in Pink Make-Up and the shoes are both styles available at adam n eve also, the Seductress and Volar heels. The hair is one of my fav flapper style hair do’s from Gurl 6 called Olive and I just realy think that the whole 20’s fashion style was based on more Fae in designers gardens.

So when you are feeling fleet of foot and fancy free, get theeself over to Sachi’s Garden at Adam n Eve – ok there is a garden there somewhere Im sure- and find the beautiful Woodland and Winirose sets, DEMOS available as usual on all Adam n Eve products.